Other Lives, Other Selves
Roger Woolger, Ph.D.

This is an advanced treatment of the subject of past-life therapy from a Jungian perspective. I say advanced: it is quite readable by all, but it has a depth of understanding that surpasses any others I've personally seen on the subject. This book tells you what it means--how does reincarnation tie in with our personal and spiritual growth? The material is not for the faint of heart. People come into therapy with problems they can't solve themselves, and during regression therapy, severely disturbing traumas often surface. These accounts make it clear how immediate and direct an influence past lives have on our current lifetime. Dr. Woolger demonstrates that our current-life anxieties are not overblown fantasies--quite often they are fully justified, but, based on a very intense past-life trauma, the effect of which is still crippling the person today.

There's another fascinating revelation in this book--while many of us have been severely traumatized in past lives, including during violent death, if you delve back far enough into the past, you find that persecuted was once the persecutor. Thus, no-one can point the finger at anyone else.

Read this book and you'll never see things quite the same again.


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