My interview with "Paranormal UK Radio Show" aired on June 19th (to listen, scroll down within the list of streamed shows). I have also accepted an unpaid position with them as production manager.

My radio interview with the "X-Zone" can be heard at this URL.

A word of explanation is in order, for this one. The host was both opinionated and adversarial. It was good practice for me, because I am now moving into a phase where I will be likely to run into more like this. In that sense, I'd say he did me a favor. In my past life as Mathew Franklin Whittier, I was a member of the premiere debate club in Portland, Maine, the "Pnyxian Club." It is said that you don't lose talents you gained in a previous life; and that they may or may not be made available to you in a subsequent incarnation. I am hopeless at bookkeeping and math, which skills Mathew evidently had; but I have retained his abilities in debate. If I had it to do over again, seeing that the host had been a policeman, I would have emphasized the proof-case of Capt. Robert Snow more heavily. As it is, I mentioned it in passing, without consciously making the connection. My intuition--or Abby's "nudging" from the astral realm--saved me on that one.

I have just completed and uploaded a video to YouTube entitled "The Ten Strongest Pieces of Evidence that Mathew Franklin Whittier, not Edgar Allan Poe, was the real author of 'The Raven.'" Even this isn't my strongest evidence, but I'd say it's quite compelling. The video is half an hour long; but I'm guessing if you have half an attention span, you'll wonder where the time has gone. Because this is real. I've been telling people I have real evidence--that I can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt--for a long time, but nobody will take me seriously enough to even look at the evidence.

Maybe it will be more interesting, and more entertaining, for people to watch a video.

Here it is...

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.


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