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I have about 15 minutes, and it takes 10 minutes to post this and check it, so this may be the shortest "Update" I've ever written.

I've gone through and taken notes from the first half of the New York "Constellation," year 1831, in which I--as Mathew Franklin Whittier--managed most of the editorial pages, and wrote various essays and sketches, when I was only 18 years old. I still have the rest of 1831 to go through, and then my researcher will have to go back and copy 1832 through September.

As I encounter these various articles, so many puzzle pieces fall into place. Oddly enough, I find myself perusing the earliest material last. But this is perfect, actually, because I know what everything means. I know precisely where to plug it in--and I am watching all of my earlier speculations being confirmed, one-by-one.

What occurred to me, and what prompted me to write this evening, is that seeing the whole picture, my speculations and conclusions are obvious. It is even obvious that Mathew co-authored "A Christmas Carol" with his wife, Abby; and it is obvious that after her death in 1841, Mathew wrote "The Raven" as he struggled in grief for her. Not Edgar Allan Poe. It is also obvious that my proposed past-life match is genuine.

Now, I was going to say, that the Ancient Astronaut theorists are likewise convinced of their theory, seeing their whole picture. Whether you agree with them or not, you can't doubt their sincerity and enthusiasm.

I have watched, now, probably every show in the series, on re-run. I let the channel run the entire day that History Channel devotes to it, and I do pay attention. They have convinced me of something a little different than their theory, however. They have convinced me that there was an advanced civilization before recorded history, and that some of those people survived, and are around, today. Perhaps they used genetic science to cheat death (at the cost of becoming monsters); perhaps they have bases on the moon, or on Mars, under the earth or in the deep ocean. The records from our earliest civilizations which talk about teachers coming from the sky, are correct--but they didn't come from other star systems. They came from the planets in our own solar system. These "gods" were the remnants of the previous civilization on earth.

It's not so far off from the Ancient Astronaut theorists, except no "worm holes" are necessary. They just had to be able to navigate within the solar system. Perhaps in overcoming death, physically, they lost the ability to breed. Some of them appear to have morals; some of them appear to be amoral, i.e., just like everybody else.

I really don't know, because, for one thing, I have no way to gauge just how reliable the evidence is that's being presented by these theorists. That's the weak link in the chain, as far as these presentations are concerned. (That, and as I have pointed out before, for all their open-mindedness, they remain hopelessly materialistic and reductionistic in their interpretations.)

But with my own evidence, I know. I've been extremely careful and rigorous. I've looked at every possible alternative explanation, and where it seemed plausible, I've touched on it in my book. I also know that I'm being strictly honest.

No-one else knows that. But if someone read my entire book, cover-to-cover, they would see just how careful I have been. Everything I present, as evidence, could be double-checked by anyone who has the motivation to do so. Everything is cited; and where I show images and objects, 90% of it is in my own physical collection.

So it is all there. The only thing missing is people who take me seriously enough, and are interested enough, to look into it.

I do wonder, sometimes, why reincarnation is the hardest social nut to crack. People who can accept spirits, and ESP, and just about everything else, balk at reincarnation. At the same time, they aren't interested in it. So they neither take the evidence seriously, nor do they seriously care about the topic.

That, in itself, is absurd. Go to the park, or to a mall, or to any public place. Look at the children, say, the little ones, up to three years of age. Do you realize that every single one of them was an adult, and died as an adult, as recently as a few years ago, or perhaps 60 or 80 years ago? Every one of them.* They are all back. Everywhere you go, there is nothing but reincarnated people. And they are experiencing and expressing their emotions, which linger from whoever they were, before, without realizing that's what they are doing.

This has profound implications. You have no idea. I have never seen anything so absurd, as a Society which persists in ignoring something so deeply relevant.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*Except, of course, those who died as children, but then they probably died as an adult the lifetime previous to that.

P.S. 8/27/17
I don't suppose there's a need to make this a stand-alone entry, but I just won an original copy of the 1842 newspaper which proves that I, as Mathew Franklin Whittier, was the real author of the poem, "The Raven." I've commented on this topic several times, recently, and won't go over old ground, here. Of course, I had inside knowledge. Nobody bothered to bid against me, but I think this issue will be worth serious money, someday. I will probably be gone by that time, and so hopefully the money will be used to help fund the little museum I foresee, which will house Mathew's legacy and present it to the public. Either that, or if the museum is already funded, they will simply display it. I already have this issue in a bound volume. The other significant duplicate I have purchased, is Mathew's published open letter to President Lincoln in 1862, chiding him for being afraid to emancipate the slaves, and to permit blacks to fight in the Union army. Neither of those are bound, so perhaps one will also be sold to help fund the project.

No doubt you think I'm nuts in all this. But that's why I was able to win something which will be priceless, someday, for $9.95 plus shipping, while you didn't bid on it.



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