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It's that time of the month, meaning, the time when I have the full stats for the previous month to analyze. Let's see if we can tease out some tentative conclusions about the reactions that you, the public, are having towards this website. And hence, whether I am making any headway, in this effort which is now at the 20 year mark. That's right, I launched this website in 1998, 20 years ago, to support my documentary-in-progress, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America."

Incidentally, I ran into someone recently, online, who saw it in Jan. of 2003 in Denver, Colorado, the one and only time it ever aired, on then-PBS-affiliate KBDI. You just never know who you touch with this kind of work. Most of the time, you will never know.

Here is a screen shot of the stats for May:

Now I will split my screen, so I have it up in front of me...

In the top position--and it has been like this for several months running--is an article by late hypnotherapist Rick Brown, who had presented one of his own cases, that of Bruce Kelly/James Johnston. This article was written for IARRT, the past-life therapists' professional organization (now defunct), summarizing his book, "The Reincarnation of James, the Submarine Man." The book is long out of print. I completely re-keyed it, in the interest of promoting education about reincarnation, some years ago, and had it available for free download on this website, until Mr. Brown's son sent me a "cease and desist" e-mail. But there is nothing he can do, presumably, about my mirroring this article. Someone has discovered it, and appears to be linking to it. This is a very strong case, and it deserves the attention it's getting. When I was Mathew Franklin Whittier in the 19th-century, I would similarly promote people from behind the scenes, like this, for the good of the particular cause in question (generally, Abolition or Spiritualism).

Next we see my article, "Continuing Love," about continuing a soul-mate relationship after the death of one partner. This article, also, has been registering like this on the stats page for several months. This is really my astral wife, Abby's work, and of course I'm pleased for her that it is being read so often. Each of the people reading it probably keep it very close to their chest, as nobody wants to risk admitting that they are continuing their marriage, sight-unseen, with a ghost. Only a few fools like myself make this public; I do it out of respect for Abby and her work; and to help others who are experiencing the devastating--and totally unnecessary--pain of grief. Or, those who are being influenced to "move on," without being told there is another option.

Next is the links page--no surprise, here--but following that, is a little joke I made years ago. In a fit of frustration, I wrote an article about the "Futility of Reincarnation Education," and at the end, I placed a link to the "real article," which contains only the heading. Someone apparently thought this amusing enough, that they are linking to it, without, apparently, linking to the article, itself. But the joke's on them. Embedded in the background HTML coding of that page, is a recommendation to read "God Speaks," by my Guru, Meher Baba, which provides the best information on this topic available. Only those who feel the intuitive urge to check the background coding will ever find it.

As Mathew Franklin Whittier, I frequently played little tricks like this, many of which I have uncovered in his published works.

Next comes this page, my blog, which since before that term was ever coined, I have called my "Updates." It was, of course, originally the literal updates for my documentary project. I don't like the word "blog," and so have continued with the old title. Note we have four more visits, in May, to the blank page, than we do to my blog. Quite a slap in the face, if you think about it. The message--or, at least some kind of message--is loud and clear. But I just keep on keeping on. I know full-well that I publish too many entries for most people to actually follow it. It's like a newspaper column which is published every other day or so. But I know, if they are all well-written, that whatever day a visitor happens to tune in, he or she will find an interesting entry. And the Archives is just a click away, at the bottom of the page. Something like 76 people did available themselves of the Archives; it just didn't reach a high enough number to show up in the top 30, at the end of the month. I know people are reading back issues, from this and other clues.

Next is the theme music for the home page--which, I'm afraid, behaves differently with different browsers (some launching it automatically, some not); and the "News and Announcements" page, which I have not been keeping up with, except to cull it for dead links, for quite some time.

Then comes my article about my Guru, Meher Baba, which is buried in the middle of my Articles page. These people are finding it through word-of-mouth, or through various links. It has run from 200-300/month for years, now. No-one ever contacts me about it; but I have heard people say that they've read it, or even that it was one of the first things they read about Meher Baba. So it continues to do its work of introduction out there, without me doing anything in particular about it. It's a "word to the wise" situation, or, a "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" scenario. The less said, the better, I suppose, beyond the introduction.

Now comes Robert Snow, who has a very strong reincarnation case of his own. Note that I am happy to promote other people's cases; I have never been the type to push anyone else down to get ahead. The rising tide is assumed to float all boats--except that over time, I notice that the other boats are floating, while mine remains mired in the mud. So be it. Perhaps the other boaters aren't helping mine, as much as I am helping theirs--but this is probably karmic payback from my behavior in past lives, and I have to take it in a spirit of resigned patience as much as possible. After all, how do you supposed I learned not to step on other people to get ahead?

There is another article--a very early one, that was published in print many years ago; next we see my video interviews, with my own interview at the top. Speaking of that self-shot interview, in another section of the stats--one based on bandwidth used--I see that four people at least started viewing it. That's typical, about four per month are curious enough about me to see me live-in-action, talking about the two books I had written up to that point, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," and "Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit." You will note I don't provide links here in the text, as I talk about them. I don't use hype advertising techniques, at all--even to the extent that the first book is $12.00, and the second is $7.00. I can't bring myself to indulge in the artifice of listing them at "$11.99" or "$6.98." That's for P.T. Barnum and his legions, who have come after him. Not for me. I don't care how "normal" it seems to everyone, now.

Next comes Abby's journal. This is my attempt, of many years running, to channel Abby across the Great Divide, so as to give her a voice and an influence on earth--something she should have had in the 19th century, had she lived longer. She did have a profound influence, inasmuch as she was the co-author of the original manuscript which Charles Dickens hastily turned into "A Christmas Carol" in 1843, two years after her death. Nobody knows, or, seemingly, cares, about this. But she is attempting to reach out to help grieving soul-mates, who have lost (or think they have lost) their partner. I am very honest about my method in this channeling, and about the extent to which I believe it is probably accurate and genuine. I don't automatically assume it is verbatim communication--nor do I cynically question its validity entirely, as a skeptic might. I take the middle road, and keep trying to get better and better at it. I think people can sense that this is a different personality, who is (and always was) smarter than I am. It is, by the way, not easy to create a believable character who is smarter than you are. Some might say it is impossible to sustain such a thing, writing every week or so, for several years. You can also compare the entries I channeled at the very beginning (what, about eight or nine years ago, now?), to the more recent entries. You will see that essentially the same personality comes across--not that that's proof. But Abby is very likable, as I think her regulars would agree, and very big-hearted as well as being brilliant and deeply insightful. She also has a delightful, understated sense of humor, which is different from my own. My method is that I get started stream-of-consciousness, and try to tune in; and then write whatever I feel prompted to write. This past month, Abby has received 173 hits; many of them, no-doubt, from her regulars who are checking in to see whether or not she's written a new entry. I would guess the total number of readers is considerably lower each month.

"crow.html" is another joke, which is still making the rounds after 2-3 years. Then comes the supporting page for my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." Typically, about half the number of people who read this blog, look at the book; and none of them purchase it. This has been going on for years, now. May's stats are no exception to the rule.

"houdini.html" is someone else's article setting straight the false debunking record about Houdini having contacted his wife from the other side, through medium Arthur Ford. The original has long-since disappeared from the internet, but for many years, I have been mirroring it on this website.

The rest is relatively unremarkable, except that "keene.html" is the page where I present Jeff Keene, who became nationally famous in reincarnation circles. I was the first to film him and to present his case, on my website and then in my documentary. Because I had very little outside funding, it took me five years to complete the project. In the meantime, a production company from California, Actuality Productions, contacted me asking for cases. I recommended they look through my website; they did, and asked for Jeff's contact information. I gave it to them, knowing they would be scooping me, for the good of the field--just as I would have done, when I was Mathew Franklin Whittier. They purchased a video clip I'd shot of Jeff on site at the Antietam Battle Field, and released "Beyond Death" through the Arts and Entertainment Channel, some years before I was able to get my show aired the one time, on PBS affiliate KBDI in Denver. Jeff became famous, especially when he was showcased on "Proof Positive," and then picked up by Walter Semkiw, author of "Return of the Revolutionaries"; but I remained relatively obscure. This was also Mathew's pattern.

"kellyquestions.html" is a list of questions I sent Bruce Kelly, about his reincarnation case. He had contacted me, proving his identity by sending me a picture of his driver's license, and I took the opportunity to ask him some follow-up questions from Rick Brown's book. I tried to ask some follow-ups to the follow-ups, but never heard from him, again.

Then there are a couple more articles, and my page reacting to the high-budget PBS program on Benjamin Franklin, which infers, by the actor's opening remarks to the camera, that he did not believe in reincarnation, when he definitely did. I provide that proof on the page. But while, say, 85 people read that page each month, nothing has ever come of it, or at least, nothing involving me, or that I personally know of.

Incidentally, if you want to view any of these pages that appear in the stats screen shot, all you have to do is key in "" in front of the file name.

Mathew actually wrote, once, about the technique of leavening society, by anonymously introducing very powerful seed ideas. In this way, one is influencing society from behind the scenes. He did it, and so have I, since well before I discovered him. The difference is that whereas he tried his best to convince himself it was okay if he was never credited with the work, I want credit. It's dishonest to pretend you don't want it. Get the credit, deal responsibly with the fame, and then, if you have had it, you can renounce it or neglect it. But secretly wanting it while pretending you are so spiritual that you don't want it, is disastrous. For one thing, it encourages plagiarists to steal and claim your work--and when they do that, then the public is wide open to embrace any garbage they produce after that. You have, in effect, enabled these scoundrels to psychologically poison people with their trash, having first gained the public's trust by presenting your own spiritually healthy work as their own.

Incidentally, on this note, yesterday I caught a film entitled "Words and Pictures," in which an honors English teacher plagiarizes his own son's poem, in order to save his job. Later, when he enters AA and has to make amends, he comes clean about the theft and apologizes, both to his principal, and to his son. This sort of thing may be far more common than anyone realizes. My "claims" regarding Dickens and Poe may not be nearly as outlandish as people initially assume they are. The problem is that so many people with reputations--including at the highest levels of stardom--have gotten away with it.*

The rest of the pages which show up in the stats are to be expected--pages I've had on this website almost since its inception, which I haven't added to because I have been so busy working on my books for the past several years. Are there any conclusions that one can draw from this statistical overview? I go back and forth about this. I think the work is getting done silently, as each receptive, prepared person encounters the information. Jesus's parable about sowing seeds is apropos, here. Some fall on stony ground and wither; some fall on fertile ground and sprout. Either way, I may never know about it. Some of my work may yet be getting plagiarized, though I try to discourage it. I know that my documentary has been posted without my permission on several websites, and not only that, they adulterate it. One poster said that one of these pirated versions was interrupted by nine commericals. All of them edit out my opening company logo (making it an actual theft). That logo, and its theme music, is an integral part of the program, putting the discerning viewer on-notice that this is a spiritually-based production. One cyber-thief was actually so brazen as to speed up the title which follows, so that the theme music sounds like the "Chipmunks." I created it to be slow, to put the viewer in a meditative space. But apparently this grated so badly on his nerves, that he felt compelled to speed it up!

Clearly, I am being ignored, while the work is having at least some impact, again, from behind the scenes. I haven't counted lately, but these pirated versions have been seen at least half a million times. By "seen," I mean, the statistic for being played registers if they merely start playing the video. The greatest percentage undoubtedly only play the first five minutes. So the number who have actually watched it all the way through may be much, much smaller.

As for my books, almost no-one buys them, so far. And whereas after I produced my documentary, "In Another Life," I had little trouble getting radio interviews--some, on real talk shows with city-wide audiences--for these books, I had only two or three at the outset, in 2012. Then nothing for many years, up to the present day. I don't write to every host I can find, offering myself as a guest. I have enough self-respect, and enough respect for my work, to let them come to me.

Hardly anyone ever comes to me, now.

I think that the instant you claim to have identified your own past life, people assume you are like all the others who have made such claims. In other words, that you have fondly assumed something based on scant evidence, and have taken it to be fact. Not everyone with a self-case like this has done so--but so many of them have, that the public assumes you are doing that.

But there's something else. In my counseling training (I have a master's from 1981), they taught us that, in a one-on-one session with a client, the conversation begins with someone else, somewhere else, a long time ago. It's safe. But if you want real change to occur in that therapeutic relationship, you have to gradually move the focus to the client himself, between him and you, right now. Now you have potentially transformative power. For example, the client may talk about someone who dominated someone else in the workplace a long time ago; or about generic people who dominate others in the workplace. But when the client has recapitulated his pattern right there in the therapy sessions, often enough, you can say, "I felt defensive just now, as though you were trying to dominate me, when you said that and leaned forward in your chair and gestured that way."

With skill, an established rapport, and some luck, you can move this into a breakthrough of self-awareness (if they don't storm off, that is).

Well, I strongly suspect that something similar happens when you say, "I have identified, and painstakingly proven, my own past life as Mathew Franklin Whittier in the 19th century." I think it makes people extremely nervous--not that you could be wrong, but that you could be right. And they are desperate to find some loophole, some explanation that is going to rescue them.

What rescues them, is when I say, "I have proven, to a reasonable degree of certainty, that Mathew and his first wife, Abby, were the original authors of 'A Christmas Carol,' and after her death, Mathew (i.e., myself in that lifetime) was the original author of 'The Raven.'"

I have to be nuts, of course, a megalomaniac. Except that I'm not.

My entire study is based on honesty. It is nothing, if I am not completely honest about everything. Even when I mis-identified a daguerreotype, early in the study, as being Mathew's beloved first wife, when it was clearly a young woman from the 1850's. This ultimately turned out to be evidence in my favor, because when I finally found Abby's portrait, the two young women looked eerily similar. The daguerreotype is very plausibly of a young woman that Mathew was briefly involved with (there is corroborating evidence), who had reminded him of Abby. But I didn't know that for some time--I just thought I had made a terrible blunder. I honestly admitted it.

Therefore, when I find that these literary claims have a great deal of evidence supporting them, and that they are probably true, I must also report that in strict and complete honesty--again, no matter how it makes me look.

Well, how it makes me look is very bad, indeed. Except that, if anyone ever understood how good the evidence is, and that I am probably correct about these things, it should, one would think, make me look just the opposite, i.e., very good, indeed.

Thus, I think my work has a kind of lock on it, and a timed release mechanism. When society is ready--about the time that it is revealed that Charles Dickens couldn't possibly have written "A Christmas Carol" by himself, and that Edgar Allan Poe couldn't possibly have written "The Raven"--and that there is good evidence for my theory as to who actually wrote both of these works--then Pandora's Box will open, the floodgates will swing wide, and the spotlight will shine on my work.

Whether I'll still be alive at this point, is unknown. It's probably out of my hands. But I will say this much--there will be people who wish they were smart enough to recognize that this is real, soon enough to actually talk to me about it in person.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I have never studied Haydn, but when I have learned some songs credited to him, in the books that come from Abby's era (and which I feel she may have once played from), she has given me the distinct impression that he wasn't the original composer. As I write this, I don't know whether or not he was ever accused of plagiarism; but I do know that classical composers would take existing folk tunes and embellish them, claiming the resulting production as their own. What is, perhaps, not as well known, is that many authors did much the same thing. Not all followed this popular convention; those with an independent conscience, like Mathew Franklin Whittier, were careful to give proper credit where ethically required.


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