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I am done writing for skeptics, and I am back to writing for people of the future, perhaps, who believe me; and for myself, as though this really was a journal; and because I like to write.

Having fully explored my past-life work as an anti-slavery undercover agent in New Orleans, in 1846, I am now returning to the period after Mathew and Abby eloped to Dover, New Hampshire, in August of 1836. They lived there until around December of 1837. I have already uncovered, and described, their anti-slavery, pro-abolition letters to the editor in mid-to-late 1837, signing as "Kappa, Lambda & Mu." To find this material, I used two different researchers. But I was also able to order microfilm copies of the paper in question, the Dover "Enquirer." That may not be the only one Mathew published in--there's an ad of his published in another one, the Dover "Gazette and Advertiser." Exploring that will have to wait for another day.

But when I ordered microfilm of the "Enquirer," even though I only specified 1836/37, they had it on a roll which ran from 1832 to 1837. So by default I'm getting all of that. Years ago, I had purchased an 1832 edition on Ebay, on a lark, and I thought it contained nothing of Mathew's; until a few months ago, I looked more closely, and it does have a brief political opinion sent in by him to the editor. Now, I'm in a better position to recognize his work. So there might be more in these early editions. It will be awhile before I can have them scanned and get it back, again. That means I am on-hold for awhile. Boredom sets in; and frustration, that nobody takes my work seriously. But Abby has told me it will be generations in the future, not now.

The expert I described corresponding with, in the previous Update, was skeptical, even though he imagines he was being "picky," as he called it, i.e., exceptionally rigorous. He's fooling himself, he's being skeptical. The problem is, my case leads from one outrageous claim, to another. You can't just isolate one. They are connected, in a chain; if I have done my homework regarding attributions correctly, then Mathew was a genius, for example; and if I have established that the past-life match is correct, then I was a genius; and if I am very much like Mathew, then, logically, I may also be a genius, today. Now, this is the point at which a friend cut off connections with me years ago. I told him, in exasperation from being patronized by him, that Mathew was a genius (meaning the term in a particular sense), and so am I, today.

That friend wrote me, this morning, wanting to give our friendship a "go" again. But I wrote him back, candidly; and I really don't think he can handle it. I may or may not hear from him; but I seriously doubt he'll believe what I said.*

I think people literally can't believe it. I don't think it's their fault.

So, back to my research, I will be scrutinizing this newspaper for any sign of Mathew and Abby during this earliest stage of their marriage. This is when they were most hopeful, and most idealistic--before Society crushed them, in their efforts to save it. This is like trying to save a drowning person, who locks onto your neck and drowns you, instead.

I know Mathew and Abby are there in Dover at this time; and now, I know that at some point, they get affiliated with the newspaper. But are there any signs in the paper of what they're doing? Already, I found one piece of evidence tending to confirm something I remembered. But I've already proven this as a real reincarnation case. I have so much evidence that my past-life impressions are real memories, that I really don't need any more. I have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is useless, today, in this current society, because even an expert goes into denial when presented with it. So what about everybody else? They studiously ignore it, and look the other way. They refuse to be affected. So you can have the strongest evidence in the world, and you can't force a person in denial to believe you.

Online, there are a few videos of psychic readings in which a die-hard skeptic is forced to believe in afterlife communication. Not many, but a few. What exactly is going on there, I don't know. I don't know what benefit it has for the person, or how long their conviction lasts. Was it a matter of personal readiness? In any case, I don't think this is what I'm about. No-one can enjoy and benefit from my book, unless they are already receptive, and truly seeking. This is not for skeptics.

But personally, this period of Mathew and Abby's early marriage is most fascinating, for me. This hopeful period...before we were crushed. What we no-doubt could have been all our lives, had we played along with the system like good little girls and boys, ignoring injustice and the suffering of the oppressed. But we could not have enjoyed it. We had to be true to ourselves. Still, I long to go back there...I long to make it right. But as I study those "Kappa, Lambda & Mu" letters, what else could we have done? I don't think there was any real choice. The Abolitionists were being publicly discredited by sophistry--someone had to stand up to it.

Unfortunately, a young man trying to make it in business, in a small town, with a small amount of capital, and a young wife and child, is too vulnerable to do this. They will crush you, no doubt. So, we were naive. Perhaps I am naive, that anyone will do anything more than ignore me. I, too, have little choice. I will simply speak the truth as long as I can, because it needs to be spoken.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I did hear back from him--he is what you might call liberal, or politically correct, or officially open-minded, regarding my claims, but he doesn't really believe them. It is impossible to ride the fence indefinitely on something like that. Real open-mindedness is for people who are sincerely seeking the truth of something. It is not a place one can live in. If one thinks one is living there, one has already made up one's mind in actuality.

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