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Yesterday afternoon I was obviously tired, and in a bit of a sour mood. I have several frustrating things pending right now, of a practical nature; my car won't sell, the DMV won't send the tag for my new one to the dealer, my researcher missed completely photographing an article that was right in front of him, and my contact at the library insists the volume has been set aside for digitizing, even though my researcher had his hands on it a few days ago. won't release this book for sale, it being "on review" for several days now; and on and on like that. When enough of these things pile up at one time, it puts you off your mood, despite yourself.

I would think my having shared my latest round of library research with the readers of this blog, in the last several entries, would have addressed most of their concerns. This is the stuff of which my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words" is made. It's honest, it's interesting, and it contains real evidence that my past-life impressions are genuine.

What more do you want? Perhaps you want a physical book instead of an e-book--no can do. Not, that is, unless you want to pay me $150 per copy. Perhaps you want it to be fictional, so you can suspend disbelief but not threaten your current beliefs--no can do. This is transformative literature. Perhaps you want it to be free, to not even have to pay $12.00 for it. But then, the workman is worthy of his wages, I have to eat, I have stuck my neck out publicly on the internet to the point that I probably couldn't even get a job as a janitor (once they Googled my name), and if you got it for free, you wouldn't respect it. And if you don't respect it, you're not going to get anything out of it.

I guess my mood hasn't totally recovered...

But really, as I continue proofreading my 14th chapter, I'm just struck with how good this is. Keep in mind, a few friends have tried to read it out of loyalty--even people who are writers in the reincarnation genre, themselves--and they seemingly can't get into it. I get the impression that their eyes are glazing over after one or two chapters. One friend--or former friend, since our friendship really didn't survive the interchange--as much as told me that while my book has no conceivable value for anyone else, no-doubt it had been a worthwhile personal experience for me. You know, the way that some people write up and publish their family's genealogy.

Really, I promise, my mood is better than it was yesterday...

But I am forcibly struck with the sheer disparity between my subjective experience of this book, as I proofread it for about the 6th or 7th time, and everybody else's reaction to it. I'll just leave it there. I can only assume that the veil will be lifted someday, and people will embrace it, experiencing then what I am experiencing, now.

You know, millions and millions of people watch Donald Trump--this was true even when he was a reality TV host, no less as President. But Green Party 2016 candidate Jill Stein still holds weekly "fireside chats" online, and the numbers viewing are displayed there on the video. Maybe it will be 126; maybe it will go up to 216. In the entire world. I am one of 216 people watching this magnificent stateswoman speak to the nation; a nation which all but ignored her, and which blithely marginalized her under the mesmerizing influence of a supposedly "free" press.

Let's a month, she has perhaps 900 people watching these fireside chats. In the month of February, I had 10,576 unique visits to this website, and 227 visits to this blog. But the guy who has a video of a kitten riding a goat has 10 million!

I'm afraid y'all aren't too bright...

I had originally left it there, but having this Update simmering on the back burner for a couple of hours, I think what I really want to convey about this book is the following. I have read, and no doubt you have as well, long books which take a few hundred pages to say what could have been said in 25. The sensationalized presentations on the History Channel come to mind, where they literally and deliberately repeat segments verbatim, say, before and after a commercial. Those shows are perfect for the way I have to watch them--I can go out of the room, accomplish a chore in my caretaking duties, come back five or 10 minutes later, and never worry that I have missed something, because I know whatever I missed will be surely be repeated for me.

This book is different. It is something like 1,900 pages now, all told, including copious graphics and a long Appendix; but it is all substance. There is very little fluff in this book. It is all evidence; and a great deal of the evidence is both extremely interesting, and inherently strong. The commentary is clear, and deeply insightful without being abstruse. This is unlike anything you're familiar with. All I can do is keep repeating, don't pre-judge this based on anything you have seen, before.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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