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In 553 AD, Church Father Origen's teaching of the "pre-existence of the Soul" was declared anathema by the 2nd Council of Constantinople--or, perhaps, by a hastily-convened council of bishops, hand-picked by Emperor Justinian, at the urging of his wife, Theodora, just before the official council, depending on whose account you read. Theodora, a former actress, is said to have wanted to expunge the doctrine of the pre-existence of the Soul from Christianity, because it implied reincarnation; and reincarnation, in turn, implies complete accountability through the law of karma.

But I have proven the pre-existence of the Soul. Not only that, I have proven that you can actually buy one. Mine, not too surprisingly, is an alien-green Soul. I can't physically touch it--since it hasn't been delivered yet. Hopefully today. (A rare photographic image of the Soul can be seen at bottom of the page.)

I started another entry just to present that pun. In my 19th-century lifetime, as Mathew Franklin Whittier, I loved puns. They are scattered throughout his works--and where you see them in the introduction to "A Christmas Carol," I believe those are Mathew's, as well, not Dickens'. It is clearly Mathew's style of introduction, as I have shown with multiple examples in my book. If you look at Dickens' handwritten draft, and you figure out what he had written and crossed out, you can see that what was crossed out had been even more like Mathew's style. It isn't easy, because Dickens took care to scribble over everything that was there, before, so heavily that you can barely make it out. You can do it with a hi-res digital image, however, which I was able to find. I analyze the handwritten draft in this way in great detail, in my book. Dickens didn't write the original. Laugh at me if you want to. Someday, someone is going to become rich and famous with that discovery. Only, I will have been first--having remembered it and publicly made a note of it, not long after I first discovered Mathew (and well before I found any evidence for it). It's in a 2005 entry of this very blog.

Walking on the beach just now, I was having the following thoughts. I don't know how, or whether, they tie in--except as regards the ever-mushrooming tendency for people to cheat.

If you want to take it back far enough, agriculture is cheating. Marrying anyone except your true soul-mate is cheating. "Cheating," obviously, is cheating. Making a profit off anyone in a barter is cheating (no less using money). Learning from books is cheating. Language is cheating.

That means that in the most primitive society, and in the most advanced society--in the original state, or in the redeemed state--people are telepathic. Language is unnecessary. Soul-mates naturally gravitate towards each other, and if only one of them is incarnate for some reason, they do what I am doing with Abby--they continue their relationship across the Great Divide (which would not be a Great Divide in this case). Sustenance and shelter are provided by Nature, which is bountiful. It is not necessary to kill animals for food (and Abby tells me, in that State, animals didn't kill each other, either). People learn wisdom from Nature, which has all the lessons hidden within her, for those with eyes to see, and from the elders or from a mentor. People try to make sure that those they give to, receive more than they, themselves, get in return.

That, I would guess--and I am only speculating--would be more of the ideal and natural order. How did things get so screwed up? By cheating. By seeking selfish advantage over others.

All these cheats are toxic. There is no free lunch. We, as a society, want our cake and eat it too.

I am poor, because my work is too far ahead of its time. I should be quite well-off, in a society which could appreciate the work I've done. So it is unnatural for me to be poor like this. Still, I have been driving around in a large gas-guzzling SUV, because I bought it in 2007 for my one-man video production business (which was failing, for largely the same reason I am poor, today). I haven't been able to afford to replace it, but now I've decide that I'd better do so while I still can. It's a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer, and a 13-year-old Ford is going to be t-r-o-u-b-l-e from here on out. The Soul comes with an exceptional warranty, and I'm getting a stick shift, which will not only be fun, but it will get better gas mileage and there won't be a transmission to replace someday, just a clutch.

I like that it's green because to the extent I align myself with any political party, my sympathies lie with the Green Party. And as for it being "alien green," well...I may not be from the stars, but I guess I'm an alien in this culture.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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