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A couple entries back, I expressed some skepticism regarding Ancient Astronaut Theory, primarily by way of an example as to how people might respond to my own work. I included a lampoon graphic I cooked up on the spot--in fact, I made it a challenge to see whether, with my limited graphics skills, I could slap it together in the half-hour I had left.

It occurred to me, however, that it may have offended some people, and I mentioned that I find some of these theories "new-age reductionism." So now I want to briefly explain what I meant.

My exposure to Ancient Astronaut Theory is limited to the History Channel shows I manage to catch from time-to-time, and those talks and documentaries I watch on my lunch-break, online. Some are more convincing than others. I conclude that there must have been an advanced, global civilization with advanced technology in pre-history, capable of working with huge blocks of stone, and that, with incredible precision.

None of this surprises me, based on what I have studied of Hinduism. The ancient Hindus speak of four long ages, running in cycles. What we know of history has been in the lowest age, the "Kali Yuga." We are now, hopefully, just starting our ascent into the next-lowest age. But if you go back into pre-history, you find evidence of that same age, before we bottomed-out into the Kali-Yuga. That means, you should expect to see the distorted remnants of even more advanced civilizations--in other words, a period when the real purpose, and real meaning, of these things had been lost. They had already become myth.

There is no need to posit extra-terrestrials in this scenario. That doesn't mean they might not have been there--but from what I have seen, these theorists are seeing nails everywhere, because they have a hammer. Where I know they are going off the beam, is where they interpret the ancient Hindu scriptures as meaning that figures like Krishna and Rama were Interstellar Beings. No, they were Incarnations of the Avatar. Now we are getting into my province, i.e., my area of expertise since studying those things from age 19. And if there was advanced weaponry in the days of Krishna or Rama, it would have been left over from the previous ages, when mankind was more advanced. It would have nothing whatsoever to do with aliens.

I just saw a show on genius, inspiration, and muses. But I can hardly ever watch a program on television all the way through--as a full-time caretaker, I am constantly entering and leaving the room. Did they actually suggest that inspiration is beamed to people from aliens? Or some variation thereof? This, as you will immediately recognize, is a materialistic explanation--just a different one from what mainstream science offers. Whereas, there are higher spiritual realms from which such inspiration proceeds. I demonstrate this phenomenon through Abby's journal, on this website. She does not reside in the constellation Orion, and she is neither a "grey" nor is she "reptilian" (thank God). But if you have an ounce of sensitivity and receptivity to higher things, you will see that she far outstrips my own mental acuity, at times. I write those entries stream-of-consciousness, with hardly any editing after the fact; whereas I edit the heck out of these "Updates," sometimes for the next two or three days. And yet I would say her entries remain better-written than mine, on the whole. Abby is literally functioning as my muse, as I write for her, in-character, such that her personality emerges clearly. She is not anywhere in the physical universe.

So that is my personal take on it. What I would like to see is an analysis which removes everything that could be explained by the cyclical view of history, and then whatever is left, might provide evidence for alien visitation. But when you attribute things like an Incarnation of the Avatar to alien intervention, you are using the same kind of reductionistic logic that the garden-variety skeptics use. I see quite a bit of this as regards reincarnation theory. Rather than to admit that there is a spiritual dimension from which this physical world is "extruded" or reflected, they will find some way to provide a physical explanation for reincarnation, within, say, the province of quantum physics.

I fight reductionism anywhere I find it. Even if proponents of Ancient Astronaut Theory might be in a position to befriend me, I am never afraid of offending anyone.

But perhaps the cartoon was a bit over the top. It was just a little good-nature ribbing.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

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