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I'm multi-tasking, digitizing a tape on one computer, and keying this on my older one. The money I earn from this project, which will take 2-3 weeks, will probably pay about 4/5ths of the attorney's hourly fee when I have her interpret my Mom's will. Clearly, it is more advantageous to be a lawyer than a freelance audio archivist...

No complaints, though, because this project (not my own) will be significant for history someday, and I'm pleased to play my part.

Now, last entry I was talking about "chance," and statistics, and magical thinking, especially where identifying a past life is concerned. Here is (or will be, once I get back on my laptop) a daguerreotype--maybe from the 1850's? Who does he look like, to you?

Okay, I'm going to have to place the comparison picture in a separate link.

Kind of looks like Christopher Walken, doesn't it? But that's all we know. Unlike the image I shared last time, the pool we are drawing from is the entire "universe" of daguerreotypes. That means it could simply be a look-alike, with no influence of reincarnation at all. Still, if the man in the photograph could be identified, it would be a starting place. In other words, it would be roughly equivalent to where I start from on Page 1 of my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." And even that is if the man in the daguerreotype was identified. Got it?

So what I am doing is not--I repeat, NOT--I repeat again, NOT--equivalent to what people are doing, when they say this or that historical image looks a lot like John Travolta, or whomever.

I have given my sage opinion on the Ancient Alien series on the History Channel in previous Updates. Those days are over--"Bean Day" at the Sakellarios house is no more--because after my Mom passed, I immediately cancelled my television service. (If I ever get the "Bean Jones," I can watch an episode or two on YouTube.) By "Bean Day," of course, I mean Friday, when the "ExtraterRESTrial Bean Show" runs all day long.

Yesterday, I actually thought I'd watch one for old time's sake, but I noticed a debunking show, and thought that might be interesting. But they (the debunkers) have it all wrong. They unfairly criticize the things that the Beaners have right--at least, from the first 5-10 minutes or so that I watched of it. Case in point, they start out with the stones at Pumapunku--is that right? Let me check...oh, no, I can't because I don't have internet on this machine. Tumapunku, maybe--I can't remember. ANYWAY, the ancient ruins in either Central America or South America, which the Beaners claim are the only such ruins actually directly built by aliens in the dim past. I am not convinced of aliens, but I agree with them, it was built by somebody with access to power tools--good ones. The debunkers say the stone is limestone, not granite as claimed,* and then they say that the natives had alloyed copper chisels; and let's see, they showed stones which were in the process of being chiseled out, done half-way, which clearly demonstrate how they were scooped out, and then flattened and polished--images which, they say, the Beaners are careful to never show.

But what grabbed me, was...wait a minute, the tape recording has run out...

Back. What got me was that they say the Beaners exaggerate the size of the stones. They aren't really 800 tons--they are only 100 tons. The largest one is only 100 tons.

That's, what, 50 2-ton cars. And how, exactly, are natives with copper alloyed chisels (and the rest of their technology presumably at a matching level of advancement), supposed to lift and manipulate a 100-ton block? That's all the cars in a typical grocery store parking lot, squeezed into one block--and you're going to lift that with a pulley system, in an area that doesn't seem to have any trees? This debunker seems to consider himself fair and rational, but he might have at least addressed the issue. I would say that his omission is shadier than anything he charges the Beaners with having done.

The even more pertinent argument, is something the Beaners have repeatedly brought up in the Ancient Aliens series. Why? Why bother with a 100-ton block? Why bring in practically the entire male population, plus some of the larger women, to leverage such a thing--which actually strikes me as impossible, anyway--when smaller blocks would be a whole lot more efficient? Well, there are rulers with monstrous egos, who want to show posterity just how big a dick they had, and how heavy a stone they could put into their temple. (One would assume a carving of himself, with dick, would be chiseled prominently on the stone face.) But I think that's a very weak theory. People use materials that are relatively easy to handle. Therefore, if these people used a 100 ton block, they used it because it was easy for them. And that means technology we haven't even dreamed of yet.

I just don't think it was aliens. Otherwise, I'm convinced something was going on; and that people in pre-history were even more advanced, technologically, than we are today, at least in some respects.

Something else struck me about this debunking documentary, and here we are in my area of expertise. This wasn't done on the cheap--somebody with deep pockets had to have funded it. Who has that kind of money to create a YouTube debunking video? Not Joe-Schmo who narrated it, I dare say--at least, not as he presented himself, an ordinary guy who used to try to convince his friends and family of the Ancient Alien theory, and then became disillusioned. Not unless he's a very successful and well-to-do video producer. (And there aren't so many of those around, trust me.) I had $1,300 of donated funds, plus the video equipment of my one-man-band business, Gold Thread Video Productions, and with that I created my film over a period of five years. This guy had tens of thousands of dollars, and unless he's a professional himself, he hired a high-end production company, and appears to have given them a travel allowance. I try to steer away from conspiracy theories, but it looks to me like somebody with serious money seriously doesn't like the Beaners. And they aren't as careful about making a clean, honest presentation as they pretend to be.

So for those of you who have taken umbrage at my wry comments on the Ancient Alien Theorists, I just want the truth. And their evidence, even if they have fudged it a bit, convinces me of one thing--there were advanced civilizations in pre-history; and remants of those ancient civilizations may still be around, today.

What else...

I am trying to figure out where to move to, where a 64-year-old man with a very small Social Security check coming in each month, can get a part-time job and survive in a hovel. It has to be a clean, safe hovel. It's either that, or my work starts getting recognized, so that I have a life of flying around to conventions and giving talks, and promoting books. Which shall it be, folks? I won't be around forever, you know.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I'm no geologist, but I question this, too, because if it was limestone, I would guess that even in an arid climate, the cut stones would not have retained their precise sharp edges for thousands of years.


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