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Yesterday I did something I rarely do--I wrote an entry, posted it, and then took it down. I was getting into politics, and then I started trying to write over my head as regards metaphysics and my Guru, Meher Baba. Both of these things are obvious, to me. Anything I say will be redundant at best, and obfuscating, at worst.

Since writing my last entry, I had to re-subscribe to a month of the online newspaper archive,, to look something up. While I had the service, I started poking around with certain keywords unique to my study, and of course bits of information surfaced that required minor revisions to my book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." This, after I said I was bored and there was nothing else to add.

I could go through them by way of example, but I think you would find them tedious. Typically, they may force me to readjust some of my speculations and assumptions; but they do not refute my past-life impressions. One can see this principle at work very often in mediumistic readings. The medium gets an impression, or a symbol, and interprets it such-and-such a way; come to find out, it actually meant something else. But the impression, itself, remains accurate. So when I garner new evidence, it sometimes plays out that way, in my study.

Lately, the stats for unique daily visits to this website are climbing; as are the hits for what I consider the most important pages. This, despite the fact that I have done my utmost to scare people off, by freely sharing the "deadly claims"--meaning, those things which most strongly challenge peoples' boggle threshold. In years past, I dared not mention those things without risking a dramatic drop in site visitors. Gradually, I have defied the ban, as it were, until it seems that people are immune. Partly, I would like to think, this is because I keep offering logical explanations as to why these things are not, actually, as far out as they seem.

Case in point--in my past life in the 19th century, I co-wrote "A Christmas Carol" with my soul-mate, my first wife in that lifetime, Abby Poyen (she was the primary author). And, after her death, I was the original author of "The Raven."

You see that I have couched it in the most offensive language possible, i.e., in first person. That should have people ridiculing me and reaching for the browser "X" to close the page. But I've explained this--at great length in the book, and to some degree, in these blog entries. Abby, in her channeled journal (another forbidden topic), has also addressed it, in her own way. Let's be clear. I don't claim that I know these attributions are true beyond a shadow of a doubt. I say that I have brought a great deal of historical and paranormal evidence to bear on them, and no matter how deeply I have researched them, they continue to come out as highly plausible. The more I push, the deeper I dig, the more plausible they become. And I announced the "Christmas Carol" connection, publicly, in this blog, two years before I learned about my past life as Mathew Franklin Whittier.

When you confront people with something that just doesn't mesh with their world view, they experience it as they would a magic trick. When you see a magic trick, your conclusion is that you can't figure out how he did it, but still, it must be a trick. You don't seriously entertain the possibility that it could have been real. (This, despite the fact I have often wondered whether some magicians didn't train themselves to develop actual occult powers, and that this secret was kept, via ridicule of the occult, to prevent people from knowing they had done so.)

I can share with people that I have been practicing strict honesty, with myself and others, since 1974, but it doesn't phase them.

This, by the way, doesn't mean I am always 100% ethical. I try. But that gets tricky, at times. For example, I routinely drive five miles over the speed limit, because I know the police won't stop you at that speed--except on Ocean Boulevard, here in North Myrtle Beach, which runs along the hotels and motels on the beach. There, the speed limit is 30 mph, and during the tourist season, if you aren't watching, there is the ever-present danger that some child will break away from its family gathered at the roadside, and go darting in front of your car. Even 30 is a bit fast. So I take the inside lane, and I keep it on 30. One might say this is "civil disobedience," where one is disobeying social convention, for a higher cause. (Interesting concept.)

Another case in point, on Ebay, recently, I was searching on names that Mathew Franklin Whittier was associated with, hoping to find a letter either addressed to him, or mentioning him. Under the name "Trowbridge," there was a letter supposedly attributed to a Harvard physicist. But I suspected Mathew's friend and colleague, writer John Townsend Trowbridge. Trowbridge wrote boys' adventure stories (including for St. Nicholas Magazine, in later years), but he was also a truly magnificent poet; and he is getting better-known, now. The letter was for sale for $40; but online, another letter from Trowbridge (same handwriting) was selling for $1,200. I wrote the seller and apprised him of the situation. He wrote back saying that the online store charging $1,200 typically overcharges by 10 or 15 times; and offered to let me buy the letter at the posted price. I declined, simply because I'm only interested in letters addressed to, or mentioning, Mathew. But I probably could have turned it around for a profit of $60 or more. (You still can, ethically, if it's still there, and you want to bother with it--it's just a brief note to one of his publishers.)

But I thought I was in a position to make a significant profit.

I feel the urge to write about the current election; Mathew went through many years of being heavily involved in politics, being idealistic and progressive. I will say this much--Trump and Clinton are both sociopaths, of different flavors. It is national suicide to elect a sociopath to the Presidency, whatever their outward presentation. There is only one rational choice, and that is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. And that is all I'll say on the matter.

I don't, by the way, agree with everything in the Green Party platform. I think marijuana is more dangerous than its advocates think--though I don't believe in jailing people for using it. I believe it should be decriminalized, and then people should wise up and leave it alone. (So much for an ideal world.)

I also am given to understand, by good authority, that the astral body enters the fetus at 21 weeks, or the time of "quickening." In fact, that it was traditionally called "quickening" suggests that somebody knew this all-along, but that their knowledge has been lost. After that time, a logical case can be made that abortion is infanticide. And infanticide is more than just the woman's personal decision about her own body. So never mind the karmic complications of abortion before that time--I am strongly against it being legal, after that time.

Do you see that accurate knowledge about reincarnation (this being on the birth side of the reincarnation cycle) is crucial, even for national and political affairs? It is also crucial for economic affairs, and for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for many other social institutions (including, obviously, religion). It is not a boutique topic; it is deeply relevant to society. It strikes at the root of philosophical Materialism, which in turn is at the root of a pervasive loss of intrinsic meaning. And the loss of intrinsic meaning, and intrinsic values, is the conceptual cancer eating at our society.

Do you think I have labored for 18 years on my documentary, and this website, as an ego-trip? Do you think I have worked seven years on my book, as an ego-trip? It certainly seems so, with me making grandious claims of having authored two world classics. What if I told you that was incidental? It's simply a function of who Mathew Franklin Whittier was, and of his talents. He hid his light under a bushel; but I find that the work I have set out to accomplish, forbids continuing with that practice. I must toot Mathew's horn, now, in order to get the job done.

If I inadvertently toot my own horn in the process, and am charged with bragging as a result, my response is to break it down logically and honestly. Honestly, in comparison with Mathew, I am more emotionally mature, and grounded in a better philosophical base. I am probably not as brilliant, and not as good a writer. I draw from his abilities second-hand, as it were, intuitively, and I'm not a bad writer in prose (especially after I go through five or six editing passes--woe unto those who read these Updates just after I first post them!). I can even write a poem or two (see Abby's journal page). I get flashes of his humor, when I'm tuned into him. But I would be hard-pressed to write fully in his style, with the brilliance that he was repeatedly able to command. So it is a trade-off.

But the purpose of this is far deeper than self-aggrandizement. There are certain assumptions one makes and never examines in the light of day. They run like a "macro" in a software program. So fast, you never see them; but they take you somewhere. In this case, you may assume that I make claims, like the ones I started this entry with, because I am egotistical. That assumption is never challenged, or tested, or compared with alternative considerations. And once accepted, it locks in your perception. Nothing I say from that point will budge you, because everything I say is processed in the light of that assumption.

I'll disprove it. Ready? For years and years (18 years, to be exact), I have been largely ignored, by the public, the media, and my ostensible colleagues. My popularity hasn't even risen to the point of ridicule (the next step). I just keep plugging away, because I believe in myself and what I'm doing. If my primary motive was self-aggrandizement, I would not be able to keep on a steady keel with this. I would get too frustrated. I would escalate, somehow. I would get too emotionally worked up, unstable.

But I am not unstable, I am not depressed, I am not escalating. I am faithfully plugging away, chipping away at the resistance. I am also doing the near-impossible, emotionally--I am 24/7 caretaker for my mother, who, at age 97, is both frail and suffering from dementia. I have no back-up, no vacations. She can be both stubborn and irrational; and I have to be patient with her. I have to wash urine-soaked sheets, throw away diapers, coach her through imagined crises, and cajole her to eat, one spoonful at a time. It is rather like the mother you see who opts to keep her severely disabled child at home.

I have a master's in counseling--I know, and can state with the authority of my training, that I would not be able to do this if I were a megalomaniac. Oh, okay, I see where the skeptical mind goes--that is compensation for my hum-drum existence. But I was doing this before my Mom came to live with me. Precisely the same. At that time, I was part-time editor and archivist for two organizations associated with my Guru, Meher Baba; and I had created the video that the Meher Spiritual Center, here in Myrtle Beach, uses to introduce the place to new visitors. That may not seem like much to you, but in my world, it doesn't get much better than that. Personally, I would rather have created the visitor's introduction for the Center, than for the Smithsonian. So my self-esteem was just fine, thank you. Yet, I was diligently working on this project during the latter half of that phase, also. So much for the compensation theory.

And if Mathew Franklin Whittier co-wrote "A Christmas Carol," and wrote the original of "The Raven," I created the visitor's video for the Meher Spiritual Center. In 200 years, that will seem like a far more grandiose claim.* But in the early 1840's, the claim to have written "A Christmas Carol" and "The Raven" would not have been all that noteworthy. Time has made it so.**

There is a man who claims he was the original screen writer of the film, "Avatar." He lost the court case, but as near as I can tell, won the logical case. Nobody cares.

That's all I'm saying--Mathew was like that fellow. And still, nobody cares. Because when it comes to attribution of creative works, possession is 9/10ths of the law.

I figure that if I hold back on these things, I could build a fan base which was really a house of cards. Kind of like dating someone without telling them something really crucial about your past. No sooner does that thing come out, than the relationship falls apart. I'd rather get all this out-front. Then, if I start to build up some interest in my work, they will be tough, and serious, and not so easily frightened away.

That appears to be happening right now. More people are visiting, and they are reading the crucial pages. I will probably hit 400 for yesterday, once the overnight visits are tallied. In years past, I was lucky to keep at 250/day.

I think it's happening. I notice that guitarist Eric Johnson, who I have been promoting on this website for many years, is finally developing a fan base. Not just his original base, which consisted of fellow-guitarists impressed with his technique; but people who actually understand his music, intuitively. I wrote on his Facebook post, the other day, in response to a comment about his "masterpieces," that his masterpieces come through him, and that that's what makes him a true artist. Someone actually "liked" my comment. This may seen inconsequential, but it's been a long time coming. I would have been studiously ignored, had I made a comment like that 10 years ago.

In the same way, I think appreciation for my work is growing--very, very slowly--but the trend is clearly there. And when it comes, I won't have anything to hide.

Best regards,

Stephen Sakellarios, M.S.

*I did most of the creative work on that video, working as the sole assistant for the late Stephen Edelman and his one-man organization, "Meher Prasad." When it was completed, I suggested we should leave off the credits entirely, and Stephen readily agreed. Already, now, people have forgotten my part in it. I had made a temporary narration with my own voice, EQ'd down a bit to make it sound richer, and the director of the Center liked it so much, the decision was made to keep it. Thus, some people seem to remember that it is my voice in the narration, but they don't know I shot and edited the piece, as well (the narration text was provided to me). Two hundred years from now, unless this blog entry survives, no-one will know--and if I remember having done it, via past-life memory, it will seem an outrageous claim, given Meher Baba's spiritual status as the Avatar, which will be known by then. Perhaps they will scoff until I turn up this blog, in an archive, somewhere--then, they will simply ignore the evidence, as people are ignoring my evidence for my current past-life memories, today.

**As it happens, Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe were not the only writers of that era who achieved fame, or even launched their careers, on the strength of one of Mathew's or Abby's productions. In the course of my research I found several more. Most of them are unknown, today, except by historians, but one of them, Charles Farrar Browne, was a favorite of President Lincoln and is known, today, as the first stand-up comedian. That theft, made when Browne was a young printer's apprentice, I can prove outright.

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