In the middle of Raymond Moody's talk about "shared death experiences," he makes an aside about reincarnation, citing two ideas which seem to be gaining ground. The first is that in the realm between lives, the mind is much "larger" than it is here, and that reincarnating involves "extruding" a portion of the total mind into a limited personality. Therefore, reincarnation as we may think of it, here, is not entirely true. The second concept is that different facets of the total mind can be incarnate in different bodies at the same time. The second concept, according to my studies, is simply false. It arose, as near as I can tell, with Walter Semkiw who saw that some of his matches overlapped historically, and did not want to admit he was wrong about them, and so cooked up a "simultaneous incarnation" theory which would allow for them. The first idea is partially true. It's a matter of degree. The more advanced a person is, the better he can integrate his past incarnations and experience more of his total mind, even here on earth. Meanwhile, our incarnate earth personality contains many facets and many layers. At different times and in different circumstances, we express different facets to different degrees. But the main evidence against this extreme view is that when someone like myself can experience two lifetimes at the same time, my present one and a past one (not all the time but emotionally and in brief glimpses), I find that I am not that much different. I am still the same person about 97%. There is, I would subjectively estimate, about a 3% difference in personality. It is not the huge, unbridgeable gap suggested by people like Moody and his presumed source, Maurice Barbanell, who channeled Silver Birch. Not in my personal experience, at any rate, and not according to many verified cases I've studied over the years. There is, in short, a definite sense of continuity, if you can stretch enough to accommodate it. In most cases I've studied, including historically validated cases, people can do so with relatively little difficulty. Want to know how I think this got started? There is a branch of Spiritualism which denies reincarnation, probably as a result of being affiliated with traditional Christianity (and we know how reincarnation was surgically excised from Christianity). As reincarnation gets proven, they have to do "damage control," so they've latched onto this idea and blown it out of proportion.

Fighting these mistakes is like killing mosquitoes. No, you will not reincarnate as a form of marine life, or as a seagull. No, you are not incarnate now in another body. No, you cannot interact with yourself in the 16th century through "time travel." No, you are not a totally different person each time you incarnate.