Suzy's Answers

I posted a series of questions on a listserv, designed to generate clues about past lives. Suzy answered candidly, and her answers provide some interesting glimpses and seem to form a larger pattern.

Q: What were your interests in childhood? Like, a phase you suddenly went through that was kind of out of the blue?

I have always been drawn to anything from the early 1900's. The artwork, the clothing. Strange as it sounds, I have always wanted to try on a corset. Someday, I hope to have enough money to build my own house, and if that happens, I intend to decorate it in the fashion of the 1900's.

Another thing I seem to be drawn to, and it's quite morbid, in a sense, is cemeteries. I enjoy just driving about in the country and listening to music, and whenever I find a cemetery I feel compelled to stop and look at the markers...not the newer ones, but the ones that are from (what else?) the early 1900's. I don't know what I expect to find, but I feel like I need to look at them.

Q: Do you remember, as a child, ever responding strongly to a particular type of music, or a movie?

My favorite type of music, for as long as I can remember, has been Jazz, Ragtime, and Classical. I seem to be more drawn to mournful songs, like Archibald Joyce's waltz "Songe D'Automne," for example. Also, the movie that has made the biggest impact on me has been "Titanic," although I suppose it has had this effect on many.

Q: How about people--what people were you either drawn to or repelled by?

I am more drawn to authoritative, self-assured people...not snobbish, aggressive types, but assertive. Also, men in uniform...whooo! (hehehe).The ones that repel me are the ones who are always talking, or mean-spirited, or just too energetic.

Q: Any unexplained fears?

Oh yes! Several. First and strongest is my irrational fear of falling. I can't even look over a stairwell railing without feeling terrified. I also am afraid of sliding on ice, especially on bridges...people hate driving with me in the winter because I either go far out of my way to avoid bridges, or I slow down so much to go over them that it may be faster to just get out and walk.

Another fear of mine, well two, actually, but I think they can be classified together, are bees and spiders. I get quite hysterical if one of them is too close to me.

Q: How about recurring dreams?

One recurring dream I have had since I was a child, though I have not had it now for quite some time, is one where I am on the roof of a white building. The entire thing is white: the roof, the outside walls, etc. I can see there are windows along the side of it, but it is dark inside and I can't see in. Wherever this white building is, it's surrounded by green...though green what I can't see. Just that whatever isn't white is green. In this dream, I am completely alone, and as I said, on this roof (lying on my stomach and holding on), when suddenly I fall off...and I awaken before I complete the fall. I have had this dream repeatedly for as long as I can remember, and the details have always been completely identical.



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