Looking for Carroll Beckwith
Captain Robert L. Snow

(from the jacket) "I have accomplished something no-one has ever accomplished before. I have uncovered evidence that proves beyond a doubt the existence of a past life. The evidence I uncovered in this two-year investigation is so overwhelming that if it had been a criminal case, there would be no plea bargaining. A conviction would be assured."

So begins Robert Snow's fascinating true account of the remarkable search he embarked upon--a search to discover the missing person he was in a previous life.

For Robert Snow, a highly respected law enforcement officer in the Indianapolis Police Department, rational thinking is the name of the game. As commander of the homicide branch, he knows that meticulous detective work can solve almost any kind of investigation--until he is faced with the extraordinary events recounted in "Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life."

What begins as a harmless dare at a reception for detectives quickly escalates into Snow's most intriguing and personal case ever. Having been hypnotized and taken back in time, he emerges with startling knowledge about a little-known painter named Carroll Beckwith.

See audio interview with Robert Snow.


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