Old Souls
Tom Shroder

Tom Shroder, an editor for the Washington Post, traveled with Dr. Ian Stevenson on his reincarnation research. As a professional journalist, Shroder gives an objective viewpoint of the work, and at the same time brings the experience and the people alive for the reader.

The bulk of the criticism of Dr. Stevenson's work attacks his credibility and the integrity of his method. Shroder's book will prove invaluable for the future, when this work is taken more seriously. What it means is that an initially skeptical, highly-qualified professional witness verified from first-hand observation, on two separate expeditions, that Stevenson was getting the results he claimed, and also that his personal and professional integrity are up to par. That, in turn, means that his work, and his reported results, must be taken essentially as presented, and that attacks on his method have been unfounded.


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