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Marge Rieder, Ph.D.

These two amazing books provide proof of reincarnation by the weight of cumulative evidence. Read the two books completely, and you will be hard-pressed not to believe that some form of reincarnation exists.

On two separate occasions I assisted Dr. Rieder in her research near Millboro, including observing a regression session and having points of interest in Millboro pointed out to me. I also spoke at length by phone with one of the principal characters in the books, whose past-life personality was "Becky". My opinion is that there may be gray areas in the interpretation of some of the findings, but taking the Millboro case as a whole, Dr. Rieder has convincingly shown by the weight of the evidence that group reincarnation is a fact. This is the only work I know of where people have been regressed in pairs, or even in larger groups, so that they begin to relate to either other as their past-life personalities. Included in these accounts are some very strong "evidentials" for reincarnation which stand firm beyond any reasonable doubt, and as a side-benefit, a fascinating glimpse into real life in a Civil War era Virginia town.


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