"In Another changing:) Wow! Peter and I send our gratitude for the well-documented, timely, enlightening, labor of Love."
--Michelle Moshay & Peter Teekamp, InSpirit Productions


"...beautifully produced, with interviews interspersed and illustrated with art and nature photography. ... In Another Life is a thorough study of the subject of reincarnation that answers many questions from anxious parents and individuals who have memories that don't fit in their current lives. I highly recommend the video."
--Aquarius Magazine, Dec. 2003 (see entire review)


"I fall into the category of being cautiously open-minded and found that Sakellarios's presentation of the subject was perfect for me. ...For this viewer, at least, it has generated an interest in the topic that has already led me to search out and begin reading works by the experts profiled. This well-produced video has an excellent narrator and makes good use of both photographs and art work to illustrate some of the past life experiences presented here."
--Brenda Dupas, MLS
  reviewer, New Radiance


"...the best video I have seen on the subject. Better than anything done by the major networks. ... 'In Another Life' weaves together a discussion of Ian Stevenson's cases, critically reviewed by Tom Shroder (a reporter from the Washington Post who followed Stevenson on two of his trips abroad and wrote a book about it) and other types of evidence. Robert Almeder, a philosopher whose book, "Death and Personal Survival," is the best assessment Stevenson's research done by a philosopher, is included, and his "extra" interview that is added as an appendix is worth the price of the DVD by itself. The work of past-life therapists is addressed featuring Roger Woolger--an excellent choice. A mix of professional and lay persons speak with moving candor about the variety of experiences that brought them to affirm a concept still shunned by mainstream American culture. The video begins with the question of the evidence then carries the argument up the line, ending with a beautiful discussion of some of the subtler points of reincarnation theory by a one-time student [i.e., a direct disciple] of Meher Baba.
Guaranteed to stimulate discussion in any group."
--Chris Bache, Ph.D.
  Professor of Religion, Youngstown University, author of "Lifecycles: Reincarnation and the Web of Life"


"As an educator and Past Life Regression Therapist, I found this video to be objective in its presentation, artistically beautiful, and of high quality. This video ought to be on television for the education of the general public. It would be excellent for use in classrooms."
IARRT (International Association for Regression Research and Therapies) Newsletter, April 2004
(See entire review).


"To the authors and producers of 'In Another Life,' I want to say I saw the video on KBDI Public Broadcasting Station out of Denver, Co. tonight. I felt it was extremely well done, and found it helpful in validating my own experiences.

It wasn't that long ago that I, too, made fun of people who believed in reincarnation and all the other esoteric beliefs that are surfacing in such abundance recently. My church taught me to fear the unknown. Finally, having broken free from the limitations of that rigid system, I find there is so much more to all of life...and now I find myself feeling sad for people like I was when I was so afraid and closed-minded.

... Mostly, I just want to congratulate you on a program that was very well-done. It was sincere; the people were so humble and open; and the information was helpful. Congratulations and thank you!"
Judy B.


In late 2003, it was suggested to me by a publisher that I try to market to colleges and universities. I thought that was a good idea, so I visited the websites I could find for every professor in the U.S. and Canada who taught in the fields of religion, philosophy, psychology and thanatology. I did my best to discern, from the tone of their site, whether they'd be amenable to the viewpoint of "In Another Life," but I made a few mistakes. Of the people who were not receptive, three sent cynical or angry responses. I can't resist reproducing one of them, below (name withheld). I have sold perhaps 50 copies to professors, including Prof. Bache as quoted above, and those who have given feedback say it is well-received by students and never fails to stimulate discussion--Stephen S.

"As a philosopher, I attempt to hold only those beliefs for which there is adequate justification. Understandably, this is a very high standard, but if I can at least aim for it, then I believe that I can avoid holding such ridiculous and entirely unfounded beliefs such as that in reincarnation. I find it hard to believe that any serious scholar could be persuaded to hold the belief that there is some part of the human that can somehow survive its own death, retain its identity, and "come back to life" in another, but still as itself. WHAT part of ME could possibly survive MY death?

"Granted, I do discuss this material in some of my classes. And, of course, I try to present arguments to support the belief in reincarnation to determine whether there is adequate support. However, I am quite happy considering the arguments that have been put forth by past philosophers. There is no way in hell I'd pay $25 to hear what you have to say.

Please do not send me any more e-mails about such absurd, nonacademic bullshit."