Radio Interview


To inquire about my availability for interviews or talks
you can e-mail me, Stephen Sakellarios, at this email address.
I can speak on reincarnation, including my own past life match,
on soul-mate relationships continued after the death of one partner,
or on Meher Baba (of whom I have been a follower since 1974).
In terms of academic credentials, I have an MS in counseling and have
extensively studied reincarnation research and past-life therapy since 1997.

In addition to the shows listed below, on which I was a guest,
see also the online archives for my more recent series,
"Metaphysical Explorations" on Blogtalk Radio, for which I was the host.
Note there is one show in which I went solo, without notes,
explaining my own past-life case.

The Joe and Keriann Show, December 20, 2012
The Joe and Keriann Show

Stephen speaking with psychic Suzane Northrop, August 6, 2012
Suzane Northrop

Just Energy Radio with Dr. Rita Louise, July 22, 2012
Just Energy Radio

Common Threads on NPR affiliate WGVU in Grand Rapids, MI., August 7 & 14, 2011
Combined Parts I and II

Shirley Maclaine's show, "Independent Expression". This was my first radio
interview. I had simply requested a reciprocal link from her webmaster, and
received the invitation. Note that listening to her archived programs normally
requires a website access membership fee. I e-mailed her webmaster for permission
to stream my show from this website and didn't get a response. If there is an objection,
and they send me a "cease and desist" request, I will honor it immediately.

Stephen interviewed by Shirley Maclaine in 2003

Supernatural Crossroads, June 1, 2010.

The Lou Pate Show, April 15, 2005, Seattle, Washington
First hour
Second hour

The Lou Pate Show, August 12, 2005, Seattle, Washington
with Angela Grubbs (first hour) and Carol Bowman (second hour)
First hour
Second hour

"Common Threads" on NPR affiliate WGVU in Grand Rapids, MI.
First half-hour segment
Second half-hour segment

Strategies for Living
with David McMillian, December 29, 2004

WRFG's "The Conscious Zone" on August 1, 2004,
joined by past-life therapists Carol McGlinchey and Dr. Paul Schenk,
discussing past-life therapy and cross-race reincarnation

21st-Century Radio
interviewed by Dr. Bob Hieronimus, March 7, 2004

An online print interview for Spiritual Atlanta

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