Although "Matthew Franklin Whittier in his own words" is ostensiblhy completed, my research to further confirm the case continues and I continue to update it. The following would be very helpful:

1) first and foremost, funds for tasteful advertising. I cannot afford to get the word out to a sufficient number of people, being instead restricted to banner ads on this website.

2) funds to hire researchers to access period newspapers, the papers of various historical personages, and other materials, which are typically housed at historical societies and libraries, or to purchase hard copies as they become available (the ones I've been able to purchase so far have yielded a tremendous amount of evidence).

3) a genuine psychic who can access information about past lives and/or can help me locate evidence; a past-life regressionist (either donated funds and/or donated services, depending of course on travel requirements).

Understand that I am not doing this for self-aggrandizement. Actually, I have sacrificed my career to get real information out to the general public. I now need financial assistance from people who still have careers, to complete the process. Also understand that a donation would not be tax-deductible, and must be entirely without strings (except I promise that all donations would actually go to the project). I can promise to keep all donors anonymous if they wish (never underestimate the power of the prejudice against reincarnation).

If you can help with any of these areas, please e-mail me:
Stephen Sakellarios
Producer, In Another Life