Some of Mathew Franklin Whittier's earliest works are in newspapers that I can't access without a researcher. Other than that, what's needed is for people to purchase the books, and to spread the word. Suggesting me as a guest on radio talk shows would also be helpful. I can't afford advertising--if anyone wishes to donate for that purpose, they must give the funds with no strings attached, and they must understand that I refuse to indulge in "hype," which is to say, modern marketing methods. I will, however, promise to use the funds for the purpose stipulated, and to provide a full accounting of how they are spent.

If the response to my work continues to be lackluster for the duration of my lifetime, there is still a good chance that in one or two generations, people will be more receptive. However, the digital and physical archives will need to be preserved in such a way that they can be rediscovered. This is more complicated than it may seem at first glance, and will probably be very expensive. Being isolated and financially limited as a result of having been marginalized for so long, I am not in a position to do this, myself.

If you want to help me spead this crucial information to the public, or to preserve my work for the future, please e-mail me:
Stephen Sakellarios
Producer, In Another Life