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Children's Past Lives. Includes a well-moderated bulletin board forum. Also be sure to check out their Library of articles, and Carol's books from which you can read excerpts (see also Recommended Books section of this website).

An article describing one of Carol Bowman's strongest cases, presented in a very fair and professional manner by ABC's "Primetime" on April 15, 2004.

A summary of the history of reincarnation believe in Western society.

2001 Gallup poll showing 25% of Americans believing in reincarnation. Note that the June 2005 Gallup poll, which I can't link to directly, shows that this figure has dropped by a full 5%, to 20%, and in November 2005 it increased one percent, to 21%.

An introduction to past-life regression therapy

Spiritualist teachings on reincarnation and karma

Historical overview of reincarnation in Western culture, including Christianity, from Theosophy (see my comments)

A Catholic history of Origen, giving a somewhat different account than is cited by most reincarnationists. Comments (see also link below)

A website which explains the scenario described in the Catholic website above, and adds some crucial details, suggesting that the Emperor Justinian pulled a political "fast one" on the pope.

A discussion of "proof," by G. de Purucker of the Theosophical Society. There is a link at the bottom of the page to additional Theosophical articles on reincarnation. See also my comments on these articles.

Quotes on reincarnation from the Transcendentalists (also presented by the Theosophical Society)

Quotations relating to reincarnation.


Reincarnation Media on the Web

A 1992 BBC program entitled "In Search of the Dead" Pt. III, featuring the research of Dr. Ian Stevenson and colleagues.

James Leininger ABC Primetime espisode

Robert Snow, Proof Positive episode

Peter Ramster documentary, "Reincarnation".

Marge Rieder's Millboro study.

Jeff Keene, Proof Positive episode

Scottish child who remembers a past life

"Stevensonian"-type case, investigating child with past-life memories

The opening portion of a graphics-intensive documentary on reincarnation. Note especially the magnificently morphed faces at the end of the segment!

Documentary produced by the Theosophical Society entitled "Reincarnation: The Untrue Fact". (Comments)

A Mercedes ad with a reincarnation theme (meant to be humorous but it's actually rather powerful).


Reincarnation Stories on the Web

The section of Bruce and Andrea Leininger's blog in which parents can share their own children's past-life memory stories.

The Boy Who Once Again Lives with his Wife from the Past

News article about a Vietnamese reincarnation case, in the "Anomalist" archives

Still more past-life memory accounts

Reincarnation accounts from Beyond Religion

Story of a woman who runs into evidence of a past life, experiencing the common elements of recognition, synchronicity and vivid, repeating dreams.

A past-life therapist briefly describes a few of her cases in which historical validation for past-life memories was obtained.


Afterlife and Near-Death Experiences

Insights into the Afterlife

How to communicate with the deceased.

The Patience Worth case.

Life in the World Unseen. A detailed account of the afterlife by the late Robert Hugh Benson, as channeled by his friend Anthony Borgia, by way of correcting the mistaken ideas he had written during his lifetime in his book The Necromancers.

Stewart Edward White and Betty White: Warning; The Gaelic Manuscripts; The Road I Know by Steward Edward White.

International Association for Near-Death Studies

Near-Death researcher and author P.M.H. Atwater

Dr. Raymond Moody's website

Out of Body Experience Research Foundation (includes numerous personal accounts)

Poetry by Rumi about death (note "Why Cling?" with a reference to reincarnation)

Melvin Morse, children's near-death experiences. Includes a video interview with a girl who describes her NDE.

Beyond the Veil

A Lawyer's Case for Reincarnation Excellent overview of the entire history of after-life studies, including reincarnation.


Pre-Birth Communication
Light Hearts, Elisabeth Hallett


Deeper Teachings by Genuine Spiritual Masters*

Avatar Meher Baba and his teachings on reincarnation and karma. Note that the first website linked here contains an online library of several of Meher Baba's works.

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda online. At his initial address to the World Parliament of Religions at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, the Swami was given a standing ovation after simply uttering his first words of welcome, "Sisters and brothers of America". (To read this speech, click on "Volume I", "Addresses at the Parliament of Religions", then on "Response to Welcome"). The story of Vivekananda's coming to America is included in "In Another Life", presented by a monk of the Order.

The entire Bhagavad Gita online

Excerpts from "The Problem of Rebirth" by Sri Aurobindo. Note this is an advanced treatment of the subject, and one really needs to spend time with the book absorbing his entire argument as it progresses through each chapter.

Sufi mystical poet Jalaluddin Rumi.

The songs of Hafiz.

The songs of Kabir.

The poetry of Farid ud-Din Attar. (I believe that in the first poem, "The Dullard Sage," the line should read "In the candle flame of His face I have forgotten all the answers"--which is to say, "His" refers to God, not to the moth.)

Includes a question and answer session with Ramana Maharshi about reincarnation. I think the introductory commentary may be a bit misleading, if the author feels that Ramana Maharshi was saying that the doctrine of reincarnation is mistaken. Ramana Maharshi acknowledges (grudgingly) that reincarnation exists from our spiritually ignorant perspective, i.e., if we accept that we are a limited individuality with a body, and that we are born and that we die, then, along with that package, we also reincarnate. But he is pointing the questioner to a deeper understanding, that of his real identity as the true Self, which in fact does not reincarnate, per se, because it is never limited to the body. Keep in mind that in a Q&A format, the master tailors his response to the spiritual understanding and preparedness of the questioner; but when this session is copied down and read by someone else, it may or may not be how the master would have responded to that reader.



EARTh--the European Association for Regression Therapy

A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce Foundation)

Mount Madonna, Baba Hari Dass

The Institute of Noetic Sciences

Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)

Institute for Afterlife Research

The College of Metaphysical Studies

American Society for Psychical Research

Vedanta Society

Theosophical Society

California Institute of Integral Studies


For Kids
Atma Speaks, a children's presentation of the main principles set forth by Meher Baba's book "God Speaks".

The reincarnation page for teens on the In Another Life website, originally commissioned for the London Vedanta Society (hence the lack of a back-link and different look).


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