Someone Else's Yesterday
Jeffrey Keene

TJeff Keene, who is also featured in "In Another Life", writes a detailed and engaging account of his personal encounter with reincarnation. Rather than promoting a long-held belief, Jeff tells the story of how reincarnation burst into his life one day with a profound experience at the "Sunken Road" in the Antietam Civil War battlefield. Skeptical himself, Jeff was gradually led to accept that he had lived before as Confederate general John B. Gordon. Not the least of the evidence was his striking physical resemblance, which you can see on this website on Jeff Keene's dedicated page. If you've watched Jeff's interview in "In Another Life", I'd highly recommend getting the full story from his book.

Incidentally, I have gotten to know Jeff personally over the years since I interviewed him. Jeff is the most solid, practical, down-to-earth person I know. He is also a retired assistant fire chief and an upstanding member of his community. I know Jeff as a straight-shooter. He also has a mystical side (as did Gordon, which I saw first-hand from reading Gordon's archived letters from the front to his wife, Fanny). Jeff's character, in my opinion, is 100% consistent with that of John Gordon. I also will state that based on my personal association with Jeff, I do not believe any portion of his story is fabricated.


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