Across Time and Death
Jenny Cockell

Jenny grew up with memories of her past life as the Irish woman Mary Sutton. Her spontaenous memories, and later, memories gained through hypnosis, were so specific and lasting that she was able to track down Mary Sutton's children and become reunited with five of them. This is one of the most powerful individual cases of reincarnation on record, made more powerful because of the poignance of the story. Mary Sutton, it appears, had to place her children in orphanages, and as Jenny Cockell, she found them again. In an article in Reincarnation, International article she is quoted as saying: "Now, at the age of 39, I have found most of [my] children and know what happened. If none had been willing to listen to me I could not have found anything out. By his acceptance Sonny [the first to be contacted] has given me what I have searched for. The sense of responsibility and guilt have fallen away, and I feel a sense of peace that I have never really known before."


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