IARRT Newsletter
April 2003, Vol. 24 No. 1

The video, "In Another Life," is a clear, straightforward presentation on the topic of Reincarnation as Americans view it today. It presents the idea that a person comes into a human body many times to learn; to lead each life as being in a school. Included is a wide range of viewpoints about reincarnation, from a Washington Post editor and an expert on children's past lives, to a parent whose child had a spontaneous memory, adults with spontaneous memories, regression therapists, skeptics, and philosophers.

This video offers something for everyone. There is historical information on Reincarnation as well as an East-West perspective on the topic. Parents with children will find the information given by Carol Bowman and the reference to her two books helpful. Anyone interested in the study of Past Life Therapy will get a good idea of how the concept of Reincarnation is used in Regression Therapy. Researchers will find the research done by Ian Stevenson, referred to in this video, very interesting.

As an Educator and Past Life Regression Therapist, I found this video to be objective in its presentation, artistically beautiful, and of high quality. This video ought to be on television for the education of the general public. It would be excellent for use in classrooms.

I recommend its use as an introduction in Regression/Past Life Therapy Training programs and every professional should have a copy of this video in their library.

It was a pleasure to review "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America."