Chosen to Believe:
Present Dreams Past Lives

Angela Grubbs

Angela not only has a very strongly validated reincarnation case; she also stands solidly at a vortex where Christianity and reincarnation meet. Her verification is uniquely credible, moreover, because she is an attorney and is trained in research and logic. Thus, her case combines some very unique elements.

Beyond the case itself, however, it turns out that Angela is an excellent writer. I already knew the details of this story, but her writing style kept me wanting to read more and helped me feel what she had felt, first as a child in a highly fundamentalist church and school; and then as a professional young woman confronted by the objective reality of her past-life dreams.

Angela also has some ideas and opinions of her own to add to the general reincarnation discussion. She points out that past-life memory and reincarnation do not have to be about death, trauma, or guilt over terrible behavior. They can be about love and simple human warmth, about relationships that endure through time.

I strongly recommend this book for people who want to know if past-life memories can sometimes be real and can be proven objectively; for fundamentalists or former fundamentalists who are grappling with broader perspectives; and for anyone who enjoys the kind of book you just don't want to put down.

Note that Angela is a personal friend, but I am not writing anything I wouldn't write otherwise. I think her case represents a significant addition to our understanding of reincarnation, and I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to help present it to the public.

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