This documentary was produced in 1988--almost ten years before I began work on "In Another Life"--but I was unaware of it until now (3/30/04). (Actually it's a single videotaped Theosophy lecture turned into a documentary by adding a narrated introduction and segues between topics.) The entire show can be seen in streaming video. I've viewed it and I feel it provides good information. It covers some of the same content as "In Another Life," but by no means all. I don't agree with everything they teach--as an example, I think the range of typical lengths of time between incarnations may be shorter than what the lecturer indicates--more like within one hundred years typically, sometimes extending to a few hundred years, and with thousands of years between incarnations being rare. Otherwise, Carol Bowman would not have found and reported, in "Return From Heaven," that reincarnating back into one's recent extended family is surprisingly common. But I agree with far more than I disagree with. Note you can also browse the entire Theosophical Society media library from this link.