In Another Life
Contents Description

In Another Life first examines the scientific research being done on the subject, and then explores the primary ways Americans have been encountering reincarnation: comments made to parents by their young children; spontaneous "flashback" memories triggered by a seemingly innocuous event; hypnotherapy, "past-life therapy" and workshops; and introduction of ideas about reincarnation by Eastern spiritual teachers.

To learn about the scientific research being done, Tom Shroder, editor for the Washington Post, is interviewed about his personal investigation of Dr. Ian Stevenson's work with young children who have detailed memories about their previous lives. Dr. Robert Almeder, professor of philosophy at Georgia State University, is then interviewed about the philosophical implications of Dr. Stevenson's work.

Next, author Carol Bowman discusses her research into the phenomenon of American children describing past-life memories to their parents, and first-hand testimony is given by a parent who experienced it.

Two people then tell their personal stories of having vivid "flashback" past-life memory experiences. The first tells of a very pleasant experience from a past-life, and the second tells of a very painful memory.

Moving into an exploration of "past-life therapy", Linda Adler, former president of IARRT (International Association for Regression Research and Therapies), describes the method and rationale for this type of therapy. Next is a visit with Dr. Roger Woolger, a past-life therapist who uses Gestalt and psychodrama techniques to access the memories. His interview is followed by an excerpt from an actual session.

Examples are then given of people who have had past-life memories in a workshop setting. One, a participant in one of Dr. Woolger's workshops (as told by Dr. Woolger), was able to verify historical facts associated with the memories. The second entered the workshop as a skeptic, and emerged a believer.

The "con" viewpoint is represented by skeptic Ron Lehr, as part of the American ideological landscape. Unlike previous shows on reincarnation, however, there is no attempt to "debunk" every case presented.

Finally, two examples are given of Eastern spiritual teachers bringing ideas about reincarnation to the West. Swami Yogeshananda, a swami of the Ramakrishna Order, is in the direct line of discipleship from Swami Vivekananda, who spoke at the World Congress of Religions at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, and subsequently went on a two-year speaking tour in America.

Don Stevens is a direct disciple of Meher Baba and co-editor of Meher Baba's book, "God Speaks". Don, who has an engineering background and was initially skeptical about reincarnation, describes how he gradually accepted the idea through his contact with Meher Baba. He also gives a synposis of Meher Baba's teachings on the subject.

The producer, Stephen Sakellarios, has studied reincarnation from the viewpoint of Eastern philosophy for over 30 years, and from the viewpoint of Western studies for the five years the project has been in progress. All the cases are genuine to the best of his ability to judge; and the information presented is the most accurate presently available.