"To upset the conclusion that all crows are black, there is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow; a single one is sufficient." Thus remarked psychologist and philosopher William James in connection with his carefully-conducted studies of medium Leonora Piper, but it applies equally well to reincarnation research. It means that one definite instance of reincarnation shows that reincarnation is possible; and if reincarnation is possible, then man is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

This morning I noticed a crow outside sitting on the telephone pole in front of my house. I figured, "Why not ask him?" So I put the question to him--"Are there any white crows?" This was his answer.

I was surprised...I thought maybe he hadn't heard me. I asked him again...

So, what is this I found on the internet? It purports to be not one, but three white crows! What should I believe? That crows, themselves, don't actually know anything about their rare white cousins? Or that this internet photo is a hoax?

If you find three strong cases of reincarnation on this website, but then you ask a psychology professor or a philosophy professor and he tells you "uh-uh," what do you conclude? He should know, shouldn't he? Does that mean the cases I've presented here are hoaxes?

I caught a shot of the crow as he was leaving the pole. Well, white crows may be just a myth. Maybe somebody doctored these three in Photoshop. But, at least he does seem to be flying pretty straight.