The World Within
Gina Cerminara, Ph.D.

Dr. Cerminara offers the mature fruit of her reincarnation studies in this advanced, comprehensive treatment of reincarnation and its implications for society. She also gives one of the clearest expositions on karma*, a very tricky subject, that I have read by anyone not in a higher state of consciousness (i.e., not a spiritual master). I only wish I could have met her, because in 1957, when I was four years old, she was writing in much the same vein as I am trying to write on this website today.

*I would only take exception to one idea in this book about karma, that some limitations experienced in life are not karmic, but rather given us to provide resistance to overcome, so that we gain strength in particular areas. I think, personally, that these limitations are sometimes arranged for that purpose--but that they are chosen and drawn from our large storehouse of accumulated karmic debts, not manufactured artificially in some way.


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