Many Lives, Many Loves
Gina Cerminara, Ph.D.

This is perhaps the most sane, balanced treatment of reincarnation I've run across, and the most in-tune with my own way of thinking about the subject. If you like the balance of open-mindedness and discernment you find in this website and in my articles, you'll like Dr. Cerminara's work. And conversely, if it puts you off, this book will probably put you off as well, because she pulls no punches. Specifically, she points out the strengths and weaknesses of both the traditional academics who resist the reality of reincarnation, and the new-age contingent who tend to embrace anything and everything uncritically. She also weighs objectively the pros and cons of delving into one's past, rather than jumping to the assumption that because one accepts reincarnation and re-orders one's personal understanding of the universe according, that automatically means that one should try to retrieve those memories.

Along with the editorial aspect of this book, Dr. Cerminara evinces a strong grasp of the function of karma, a difficult subject which eludes many writers.

I found that this book not only addresses the issue of whether reincarnation exists, but also very effectively deals with the larger issues which arise once it is accepted.

Since writing this review, I have learned that Dr. Cerminara was sent copies of Meher Baba's "Discourses," and that she had planned to meet him. It's not known whether she ever did or not. See "Discourses" above this listing in the first Book Review main page.


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