Science and the Afterlife Experience
Chris Carter

The third book in Chris Carter's trilogy, "Science and the Afterlife Experiment," makes the best case for survival of the mind and personality after physical death that I have seen. The three main types of evidence--reincarnation, apparitions, and messages from the dead--are carefully and logically examined in turn. Many examples are given, each one stronger than the next, with the implications for each case carefully spelled out. Carter takes each skeptical argument in turn, gives it its due, defeats it handily, and moves on to the next, like Aragorn slaying orcs in "Lord of the Rings." The problem is that Carter is the latest in a long series of venerable, highly intelligent writers to have made these same arguments. I have books from the 19th century which, if you pull the semi-colons in next to the preceding text, look as though they would fit very nicely in Carter's book. When is society going to listen to reason about death and the afterlife? There is a sense in which reading this book is like watching an adult try to force a child to admit, through logic, that he did, in fact, take the cookie from the cookie jar. The child actually has the upper hand because he can remain in denial: "Did not!". On the other hand, based on the evidence, survival after death is a done deal, and with this book, Carter has now made it an even "donner" deal. The book is aimed those who are undecided. However, I think its best use may be as preparation for anyone who is thinking of doing battle with the skeptics, because it will give them precisely the kind of ammunition they need.


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