Several by myself, published and unpublished, plus a few
that I feel are especially noteworthy by other authors.

History vs. Past-Life Memory: the problem of
inaccurate historical records
(revised 6/23/16)

Proving Reincarnation with a method anyone can use,
as it appeared in, Nov. 2012 (revised 6/23/16)

Continuing Love

An unpublished article entitled Plausibility, Proof and Belief

An unpublished article entitled The Futility of Reincarnation Education

An article I wrote on reincarnation entitled Too Close to See:
The Influence of Past Lives in Our Daily Life
, as it appeared in

Written by invitation for South African magazine Namaste on the
subject of proving reincarnation, entitled Have You Been Here Before? (Also
recently reprinted in the book Come Back to Life by Jenny Smedley in Great Britain.)

Avenues of Understanding Reincarnation

The Social Relevance of Reincarnation

A Critique of Arguments Offered Against Reincarnation
Robert Almeder, Prof. of Philosophy, Georgia State University

Response to a recent Billy Graham column
addressing a question about reincarnation

Skepticism in Documentaries on Reincarnation
My ongoing thoughts in response to irrational critiques
and manipulative "debunking" of paranormal research,
in documentaries and in print.

What is Fact? by Benito F. Reyes, M.A.

Lawyer Responds to Dr. Carl Sagan--a Scientist/Astronomer--
about the Afterlife and the Paranormal
by Victor Zammit

Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons by Dr. Ian Stevenson

The Reincarnation of James, The Submarine Man
by Rick Brown, reprinted from The Journal of Regression Therapy
Historical validation for past-life memories accessed through hypnosis.

The Past Life Memories of James Leininger
One of Carol Bowman's strongest cases, featured on ABC's "Prime Time"

Children Who Speak of Memories of a Previous Life as a Buddhist Monk:
Three New Cases
by Erlendur Haraldsson and Godwin Samararatne (pdf file) [download Adobe Acrobat Reader]

Development of Certainty About the Correct Deceased Person in a
Case of the Reincarnation Type in Lebanon: The Case of Nazih Al-Danaf

by Erlendur Haraldsson and Majd Abu-Izzeddin (pdf file)

Feel like you're getting in too deep?
You ain't seen nothin' yet...

Reincarnation and Karma
.Meher.Baba, from Discourses
(periods in front of ".Meher.Baba" to prevent Babel Fish from translating it)

The Real Nature of Man, Swami Vivekananda

Comments on Reductionism
Thoughts on reductionism, addressed
to people who are not reductionistic.
(See also a re-write for

The Need for Spiritual Discernment

And Now Please...Focus on Your Birthmark... by Athanasios N. Komianos


A Tapestry of .Meher.Baba's Connections with the West
(published and, photos added)
See also the discourse by .Meher.Baba starting on the bottom of this page
(periods in front of ".Meher.Baba" to prevent Babel Fish from translating it)


Gnawing Through the Knots (or, what happens when we don't assume)


If you've found the messaage too difficult to swallow,
you won't have made it down the page this far, but if
you're ready here's where the practical applications start...

A Multi-Incarnational Approach to Chronic Illness
(a version of this article was published on

The Impending Popularity and Misuse of the Idea of Reincarnation
(originally published online in "Kula Magazine")

Coming Back Bad: Reincarnation of the Infamous
(originally published online in Kula Magazine)



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