Aquarius Magazine
December 2003

Producer Stephen Sakellarios presents In Another Life: Reincarnation in America (Gold Thread Video Productions, ISBN 0-9728028-0-0), a video documentary that explores the subject in great depth. Although his brief introduction is a bit wooden [note: this has been replaced with a professional host], the documentary itself is beautifully produced, with interviews interspersed and illustrated with art and nature photography. We hear interviews with authors who have researched accounts of reincarnation, parents who have heard accounts of past lives from children just learning to speak, a skeptic, past-life therapists and regressionists (including Atlanta's own Dr. Charles Skillas), philosophers and religious leaders, and people who have had memories triggered by events and places. In Another Life is a thorough study of the subject of reincarnation that answers many questions from anxious parents and individuals who have memories that don't fit in their current lives. I highly recommend the video.
(reviewer, Kathryn Sargent, Editor, Aquarius)