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I just culled through the dead links on this page as of 5/9/16, and it strikes me
that some of the best articles have been pushed so far down that no-one may see them.
I place the more crucial and time-sensitive material at the top, but if you're new here,
my suggestion is to scan down the entire page and see what might jump out at you.
We find truth in all viewpoints (as for example, that intellectual rigor can go
hand-in-hand with intuition in both paranormal and scientific studies),
and champion it wherever we find it.



Sometimes just out of curiosity, I search on the phrase
"In Another Life." This time I ran across this miniature painting
by the same name, for sale on ebay by the artist, "rfenton."
He writes he was just painting a modern house, and this is what
came out! He says he wishes he could have a studio there. I wonder...

Music opening this page by Abby, through prompting in Garage Band software,
a few months after we got together in 2010--SS


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