Angela Grubbs

Angela Grubbs is an attorney in a major Southern city, who was raised a very strict Baptist. She has distanced herself from fundamentalism, but continues to be a spiritual person in an open-minded way. However, her training in legal research, and her personal commitment to honesty, made her an ideal person to research and validate her past-life experiences, which came to her in a series of vivid dreams and waking past-life flashbacks.

In her flashbacks, the same characters kept appearing, and she herself was always the same person. As reported by other past-life experiencers, she felt completely immersed in this previous personality, able to feel, physically and emotionally, what she had been feeling in that lifetime. At one point she was able to get her first and last name, and the name of her then-husband. From this lead, she was able to track it down to a young couple living in Lexington, Kentucky in the early 1900's. She has birth records, marriage records, the deed to the house she saw in a dream and more. She found the family gravesites. She also found the family Catholic church and strongly verified the elements of the dream she had about it. It is said that the husband's diary is in existence, and there may be photographs; but the living descendents may or may not wish to share them. It is not unusual in these cases that the descendents feel uncomfortable and reluctant to get involved, and I suppose one can't blame them.

Nonetheless, Angela has amassed sufficient evidence to prove her case beyond any reasonable doubt, in my opinion. This case is significant for several reasons. First of all, as a disaffected fundamentalist, Angela stands as a forerunner to those who will have to grapple with the challenge that the increasing number of validated reincarnation cases will pose to traditional Christianity. Secondly, as an attorney, Angela was ideally qualified to research and verify her case (she was careful to e-mail her journal entries, describing her dreams, to two persons before beginning her research, so that it was date-stamped and documented). Third, Angela is a relative new-comer to reincarnation studies, and she does not have a philosophical axe to grind. Fourth, Angela has not been hypnotized, so that neither her experiences, nor her validations, have anything to do with hypnosis. Thus they are immune from the popular charge (accurate or not) that people under hypnosis are suggestible and their experiences are suspect. Lastly, the characters that Angela experienced in her dreams were historically obscure (though one of their relatives had been politically prominent in Lexington), and it was unlikely--effectively, impossible--that she could have run across information about them and forgotten about it. Thus, "cryptoamnesia" is not a serious consideration here.

And make no mistake, these were real people, and they were definitely the people she dreamed about. The elements that she verified are not vague, and they would not have applied to anyone else. These facts are so specific that they could only have applied to these particular historic persons.

Once again, I am forced to ask, what more do people need? There is no choice, except the choice to go into denial and pretend it didn't happen and that it doesn't exist. Dr. Stevenson says his strongest cases (and this is not quite as strong as his strongest cases, but I'd say it's in the ballpark), are "suggestive of reincarnation." I think he uses that phrase to be scientifically precise, because in the classical scientific method there is no "proof" per se. However, I am not a scientist, and therefore regarding these cases, I can say, "suggestive, shmuggestive..."

Rather than present the specifics of this case, I invite you to view the half-hour video interview with Angela which I conducted and taped on Nov. 7, 2004, in the Streaming Video section of this website. Angela prepared her case in the format of a formal legal brief, forwarding it to three researchers who have expressed interest in it (including Dr. Tucker, Dr. Stevenson's successor). She has more recently published a book about her experience, listed in the books section of this website.