Dear _______:

Thanks for your response. This is the Catch-22. It is not pseudo-science, but until you watch the documentary with an open mind, you won't know. Therefore, the ongoing public perception that it is pseudo-science prevents media executives like yourself from considering it, which in turn perpetuates the myth in the public consciousness that it is pseudo-science, because no-one sees the accurate information.

I'll give a good recent example. PBS broadcast a documentary about Benjamin Franklin not too long ago. Franklin was a Mason and believed in reincarnation. In fact, I suspect it was his study of metaphysics as a Mason which led him to "discover" physical electricity, giving us the modern lifestyle we have today. In any case, not only did this documentary fail to mention that he believed in reincarnation, but it actually put words in the actor's mouth, reversing his beliefs to make it sound like he didn't believe in it (something to the effect of "I've lived a good life, though if I could do it over there are things I would change. But, since repetition is impossible...").

Thus, the public perception that no great historical figures in science accepted reincarnation was once again perpetuated by the media.

Perhaps someday if you study the subject seriously you'll reconsider broadcasting this or another program. For now I will only say that some highly credentialed people in both science and academia do, in fact, take it quite seriously.