3. In giving the interpretations of the records here of this entity, it would be very easy to interpret same either in a very optimistic or a very pessimistic vein. For there are great possibilities and great obstacles. But know, in either case, the real lesson is within self. For here is the opportunity for an entity (while comparisons are odious, these would be good comparisons) to be either a Beethoven or a Whittier or a Jesse James or some such entity! For the entity is inclined to think more highly of himself than he ought to think, as would be indicated. That's what these three individuals did, in themselves. As to the application made of it, depends upon the individual self.

4. Here is an entity who has abilities and faculties latent within self which may be turned into music or poetry, or writing in prose, which few would ever excel. Or there may be the desire to have its own way to such an extent that the entity will be in the position to disregard others altogether in every form, just so self has its own way.

5. In giving the astrological aspects, these are latent and manifested; Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. These are adverse in some respects one to another, yet are ever present and will be indicated in that in which the body will go to excess in many ways, unless there is the real training in the periods of unfoldment. And the entity is beginning to reach that period when, while the spirit must not be broken, everyone should be very firm and positive with the entity, inducing the entity through reason to analyze self and to form the proper concepts of ideals and purposes and in doing this, we will not only give to the world a real individual with genius, but make for individual soul development. Otherwise, we will give to the world one of genius in making trouble for somebody.