September 15, 2017


Steve is very eager to return to re-reading our book, this being early in the morning, and there being many demands on his time. But he has felt the press from me that I want to channel for some days; and so we will compromise. He has just woken up; he feels he may not be at his best, to write; but perhaps being so close to "dream-land," it will actually be easier for me to channel.

Steve and his Mom got through the hurricane okay, as it mostly skirted past him to the west, and wasn't so strong after traveling the length of Florida. Of course this brings up the question of Fate, and why something as capricious as a hurricane might devastate these people, and leave those people alone. Now, Steve is at a loss how to channel, vs. writing his own essay on the subject. He could, as a writer and as a philosopher, take it in several different directions; but do I want to address this, myself?

Everyone has their own opinion. Is what I say going to change your opinion? Not likely! But it is a very serious matter. Do you believe the Universe is purposeful? Or random? A great deal hinges on this determination. Steve just noticed, as he woke up, that the seemingly delightful and benign "Brief But Spectacular" series on the PBS Newshour, carries with it a dark and sinister note. It is a statement of materialistic philosophy, which says that our lives, at best, can be "brief but spectacular." Who cares? If our existence is a flash, and the only recognition we get is five minutes on the Newshour, after which we are forgotten, does it matter? You see.

You can't dress up a lack of faith with borrowed significance, no matter how you try.

Oh, Steve noticed something else...on the History Channel, he saw a lengthy documentary on the business tycoons who launched the car industry. My own family (brother-in-law, and brother) were heavily into the carriage industry, and my brother's line was ruined when cars were invented. But Steve remembered something from his early studies (in this life); that Swami Vivekananda said that in the West people name their children for robber barons, whereas in the East, people name their children for saints. Just so, on television you can see the lives of powerful industrialists, but not so much great spiritual seekers. It is so much in the air around you, as it were, the water you drink, the ground you walk upon, that you don't realize how much your Society is poisoning you.

And this is why we work so hard to bring at least the truth of reincarnation to the public; and why I try so hard to at least rescue the soul-mates from the absurdity that when one of them has shed the body, they are instantly separated. Nothing of the kind has occurred. One has shed the body, the other retains it. That is all.

Is this so hard? It is hard in direct proportion to ignorance. Now do you see it?

In the same way, tragedies are hard in direct proportion to ignorance, if you get to the bottom of it. Suppose you have a file on your computer. Now you print the file. And now a child comes along and tears up the printed copy. What have you lost? Only the print-out. Everything in the material world is like the print-out.

Now you see the difference between Steve writing, and me channeling through him--even when he's groggy and has just woken up.

But in order to return to this exalted, normal, natural and healthy spiritual state of mankind, you have to work for it. You have to gain qualities of discernment, love, and purity. No-one expects a polluted environment to return instantly to normal. It has to be painstakingly cleaned.

The point I am trying to get across--before Steve tires and loses the connection, here--is that the question we originally posed at the beginning of this session, regarding Fate and tragedies, cannot be understood so long as mankind is in the state of ignorance which produces them in the first place. So it is a circular question. Address the root causes, and lo-and-behold, the tragedies aren't tragedies anymore--and the secret is, not being necessary, they don't happen anymore. Our Guru said, as Steve recalls, that "90% of human suffering is self-created." It is consciousness first, wisdom vs. ignorance first. Everything else derives from that. This means that subtley promoting a world view of Materialism, while urging people to be "spectacular" (even though they are "brief"), is the height of folly. It is creating the very thing that one intends to ameliorate. Whatever good they do, if they reinforce this view of man as a brief little event, they have done far more harm, at the root of it.

Tell people that they are Divine, in their true essence; tell people to seek Truth. Then the rest of it works out. If you tell people they are a little pound of flesh which has its day on the earth and no more, you create desperation; you create confusion; you create, ultimately, violence and destruction. All with a benign smile of do-gooding. You see.

This is the conversation we had when we were young, and joining hands to try to help the world, in the 19th century. This is why we wrote what, with Dickens' revisions, became "A Christmas Carol," together. We knew it was ignorance, itself, which was at the bottom of suffering. You had to address the root cause, if you wanted to effect change. But people were so set in their ways, so stubborn, so adamant. They needed a shock--but could we give them a vicarious shock, through seeing a play? Rather than the terrible shock that comes through disasters in life? So, we tried. It was, perhaps, a naive solution, dreamed up by two bright idealists, holding hands on a chilly tree-lined street, on fire with their new marriage and their wish to dedicate it to God. Dickens could not possibly have conceived it, you see. The whole idea is absurd; and only an ignorant society could be fooled by his claim to have written it.

I will let Steve begin his proofreading, now, having commanded the soap box for quite enough time this morning...

Love to each and all,