Abby's journal



August 2, 2018


We have well over an hour before Steve has to get ready for a shift at work, so instead of taking a walk around the neighborhood together, perhaps we will leisurely sit down and see if we can channel. This is an idyllic place, for Steve--I picked it out for him, just as I help him choose wines at the grocery story. The people are friendly and good-hearted; our street is tree-lined, just like the one we used to walk along when we were newlyweds; there are old houses, of all different styles and with multitudinous features. Steve has a sort of "Hobbit-hole" of an attic studio apartment, which we have customized "just so," together.

But his part-time work is very hard. He is visiting, and tending, two different elderly men, and essentially acting as a nurse, without a nurse's training. Not in the dispensing of drugs or tending of wounds, but in the more routine care. And they are not in their right mind, and sometimes stubborn. It takes all the social skills Steve has, reaching back into Mathew's abilities in this area. It takes all his creativity, and all his tact, and no small amount of courage.

Then he returns, to "recharge his batteries," as they say today, in his little paradise, again.

I have instructed him to keep his life very, very simple. He is too far along in years, now, and has been under far too much constant stress, for too long. He can do this, without getting ill, himself, only if he keeps his life very simple, and allows me to guide him in matters of health.

He also continues to preserve his past-life published pieces in newspapers, and to write his blog on a daily basis. This, because he enjoys it--but what it will mean to posterity, none can now judge.

Because he is writing his book over again, from the hip, but this time, directly to his readers, as though speaking to them, personally. Again, this blog will have its own value, someday, because it will be cross-referenced with his books.

We are entirely "under the radar," aren't we? it was so in our day, in the 19th century, as well. Famous people were doing work far less advanced than ours. It is always this way, in the lower Ages. In the most advanced age, the most advanced thinkers are also the most prominent, because Society has evolved to a stage that it recognizes them. Thus it is, also, here in the astral realm.

Everything pulses; everything is in waves. The Spirit attempts to manifest fully, and manifests only partially. That is one wave. Each "attempt" is a wave. This happens in the briefest of periods, and also the lengthiest. There is a cycle in which your consciousness manifests many times per second (Steve won't venture a figure, getting only the general idea from me); then there is sleep and waking, the daily cycle; then there is the life cycle, with birth, growth, old age, death and rebirth. Then there are larger cycles, of manifesting some talent or ability, which peaks and then falls off; or developing some virture. Whatever it is, is not complete, and thus becomes a wave.

All this is energy.

What are we (Steve and I) manifesting? Is it at the peak of a cycle, or approaching the peak? Will the peak be in our next lifetime, together on earth as husband and wife? I'm not giving Steve a definitve answer. Only the question.

Today, as August begins, it is somewhat hot in Steve's attic, and he has several fans blowing. Soon it will become cooler--then cold, and then bitterly cold, in Maine. Then warmer, and warm, and hot again. Steve takes it with aplomb. This is the way to take all cycles.

The fullness that each cycle is attempting to manifest, is already in Spirit. If one feels confident in the reality that it is all there, in Spirit, one can be detached, to a certain extent, from whether it manifests, or not.

Steve was watching another YouTube video a couple of days ago, about out-of-body traveling. This is something he tried to do when we first got back together, because he thought maybe thereby he could see me. He finally realized that even if he got out of his body, the vibration is still too low. The video had some warnings about the lowest level of the astral world, just outside the physical. Steve told me, "I don't want you to go that far down, in order to contact me tangibly, if you have to go into that yucky level of the lower astral world." I had occasionally been giving Steve "electric kisses," as I've told you, and obviously I have to lower my vibration considerably in order to create that effect. Steve said, "I don't have to have that--don't go down into that lower realm just for that."

But I didn't listen. I gave him another "kiss" on his forehead, when he lay back in his recliner to rest, yesterday. :-) I know what it means to him.

He didn't say anything. He knows I will do what love requires. (Don't worry, I am powerful, and also I am protected.)

Steve is always worried that a skeptic will explain these matters away; and that he must prove that he is not imagining it. But can he ever prove such a thing to a skeptic's satisfaction? Unless it happens to that person, he will not relent. If it happens to him, he will think it is an ordinary itch. He will not stop to be rational about it, and thus try to discern this from that. I feel sorry for these people, because perhaps their loved ones are trying to manifest signs to them, and they brush them aside. Who can help them?

I can help Steve, because I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, until his faith was strong enough.

May your faith also be strong enough! Because you know you are loved by people over here, who would gladly give you signs, if you asked for them and could believe them, once they were given.

Much love to each and all,