Abby's journal



July 15, 2018


Steve has too much time on his hands, and I am gently nudging him, "It's been awhile since we've channeled." Often, he doesn't know whether he's writing on his own accord, or whether we are, in fact, channeling. He was reassured, somewhat, to see, the other day, that medium John Edward is also sometimes surprised at his own results.

For something to do, Steve was just looking up the famous writers of the 19th-century whom he feels he would have most admired. And he realizes something--it is not reputation. It is inspiration. The most famous writer can write in a forced and tiresome manner, if he or she isn't inspired at the time. And inspiration is fleeting and...what is the word, Steve says...not "ephemeral," but difficult to catch. Elusive, shall we say. Because no-one is a poet. One either is a channel, at any given time, or one is not.

He also realizes that, seemingly without exception--or with very, very few exceptions--those who have become famous, have appealed to the masses. And that means there is a "hook," somewhere. Some error, in effect, which appeals to the ignorance of the largest number of people. Because the largest number of people--whose "vote" is required for mass fame--are mired in ignorance, of one type or another.

Therefore, it is all but impossible to become famous without having a character flaw, which becomes the "hook" that entices the masses.

That means, you are almost never seeing the real thing, when it comes to spirituality. You are seeing someone who, for want of a more polite word, has bastardized the spirit.

I'm speaking harsh words, here, but it is something that bears being understood. You have to let your heart direct you to those obscure artists who are flowering in spirit. Occasionally, they are found out--usually, decades or even centuries after their lifetimes.

For example, Steve thought that Percy Shelley was a very skilled, spiritual poet. But he kept flitting around from woman to woman. That would pique the interest of the masses. And he started thinking he was a poet. Remember, nobody is a poet. Everyone who writes successful poetry (or music, for that matter), is a channel.

Then Steve thought he'd try Washington Irving, whom he knows he once admired, when he was Mathew. But Irving was a skeptic. Mathew started out as a skeptic, but I awoke his inner mystic, and he changed his angle of view. So the world would have accepted Irving's skepticism.

On the other hand, Steve recommended to his "blog" readers, the poetry of Mathew's friend, John Townsend Trowbridge. John was a mystic. His poetry is all but ignored. However, for his bread-and-butter, to support his family, he wrote boys' adventure stories. He achieved some degree of fame, for those (have you heard of St. Nicholas Magazine?). Doesn't that illustrate my point? To be applauded by the world, you must write for the world. If you write for God, for the Spirit, then the world will largely ignore you.

Now, we have the strange situation, that Mathew's spiritually-based work--which was two-layered--had been stolen by worldly authors, who became famous thereby, when only the superficial layer was recognized by the masses. In a particular sense, he "slipped" this work into the mainstream. In another sense, however, sacred work was dragged through the mud and attributed to worldly men. Steve is trying to undo this state of affairs. If he is able to do it--if he is able to reinstate Mathew's authorship--would the masses then be forced to acknowledge the spiritual basis of these works?

It's an interesting question. Because the masses, by-and-large, are as incapable of registering real spirituality on their consciousness, as a man is of hearing a dog whistle. It doesn't exist, for them. So what happens when they find out they've been duped?

Perhaps nothing, at all. It becomes a sort of odd fact, which is then relegated to the background. "Oh, Mathew Franklin Whittier, a mystic struggling with his faith upon the loss of his soul-mate, wrote 'The Raven'? That's interesting." Who actually reads that poem, anyway, outside of English classes?

So, these are things Steve has been blogging about, recently, and I don't mind commenting on them, myself. All of this will be of significance when the consciousness of society catches up to Mathew, and to Steve, and to myself. You see. It is invisible, until then. But the groundwork must be laid. With these thefts having been exposed by us, now, they will be rediscovered in the future, when people are ready for them. Then, it will only take a "touch." A word to the wise, is sufficient.

Steve is thinking, "Can't you say something that proves you are you, and not just me using your journal?" But I have done that--I have done that a dozen times over the past few years. Must I prove that to you, my regular readers, again?

Steve can't write like this. I have conveyed to him, as he was channeling this journal, things he didn't understand, and had never understood, before. You have seen it. I do that only when it's necessary and appropriate, not for show.

I also give him electric tingling kisses on his forehead, when he lies back in his recliner to get some rest. Sometimes, not all the time. When I feel so-moved. When I have the whim to express my love that way. Love should not become routine, or predictable, or expected. It is free--it is freely given, and spontaneous, like the blowing of the wind of the spirit. In the early days, I had to constantly prove to Steve that I am real. Now, I don't have to do that, anymore. Even if he doesn't feel my presence for days on end, he knows I exist, here in a different level of vibration, that he can't experience. The points of contact may be brief, and small, to him--but the love is as full and powerful and deep, as ever.

The real meaning of everything is its inner meaning. If you look outward, then you must adopt criteria of fame, or influence, or earnings, or titles...substitute your own. If you look inward, the thing is self-...self what? Steve can't get the word. Self-existing. Self-luminous. Self-justified. It needs no external justification, or label, or qualifications.

For that you need a clean heart, and an open mind. By definition, if a truly spiritual work is to become famous, large numbers of people must have a clean heart and an open mind, by which to appreciate and understand it.

That day is certainly coming.

Love to each and all,