June 9, 2017


Last time we talked about my home page theme music, and we have touched upon the subject of vibration energy signatures, such that my theme music expresses my "signature." Each person has this real vibrational signature, and here we are talking about the deepest level of individuality. Steve chose (of his own) a song by guitarist Eric Johnson, entitled "Gem," to play in the car just now on the way back from the store. He (Steve) has long felt that this song perfectly matches his energy signature as Mathew, especially, after I had passed and Mathew bravely carried on, trying to express our idealism "for two," as it were.

How Eric managed to capture his energy this closely, he has no idea. Eric, himself, is a very evolved soul, and knows the art and science of music very deeply from past lives. Did he tune into Mathew's vibration in the ether? Did his guides, or someone here, give it to him? Still, he caught it. I'll bet if one were to ask him, he would say it "came to him" fully clothed, as it were.

Steve will add a clip from that music, here, and since we have limited time, we will move on with the channeling portion.

Steve's own energy vibration, today, is expressed nicely in the theme music he used to use for his company logo, "Gold Thread Video Productions." One can hear it opening his documentary, "In Another Life" (if one watches the original version, that is). We will add that, as well, here.

For this, to find this vibration, one has to listen with the depth of one's heart. It is no good trying to capture it with intellectual constructions. KNOW through the depth of the heart; and this is first-hand knowledge, not second hand. Knowing your beloved through the heart--even across the Great Divide--is first-hand knowledge. Knowing him or her through the bodies, is second-hand. You know this if you think about it, however much it may go against your training.

Steve composed my theme music many years after his own, but some time afterwards, he noticed they are quite similar. Is this just that he accidentally drew upon what he had already composed? Or are we that similar? Remember, we are "peas in a pod," and "birds of a feather." I breathe in, and he breathes out. We are perfectly compatible at this deepest level. Beyond this, I can't say. It would almost be the same thing, to say that he tuned into my vibration, and to say that he repeated his own vibration. I could not say one or the other was wrong, because we are so closely attuned. I sing in the fountain of his energy, you see--I bathe naked and free in his fountain; and he, in mine. And we are one.

Steve says I must write a wrap-up...but we are out of time, as he has to post this. There is poignancy in Eric Johnson's tune; and it was Mathew's grief for me, which combined this poignancy with nobility of purpose. That, and a seeming lack of success.

Now the grief is gone; and the seeming lack of success is only impatience. So that is taken out of the equation, as we are together again. Ahh.....!

Love to each and all,