June 5, 2017


Steve is painstakingly going through editions of a newspaper that he contributed to, as a reporter, in 1834--when we were pledged to each other but he was trying to make his way in the world, before proposing formally to me. That's another story...oh, were we nervous! But oh, were we, both of us, faithful! Sigh...

Because he was a young man in New York City--and I was a young woman, who kept rather to herself, in the quiet town of East Haverhill, Mass. He was afraid I might find another suitor; I was terrified he would be tempted there in the "city of sin." Neither happened. Time passed--instead of making his fortune at business, he honed his skills as a writer, which would enable him to make his spiritual and artistic fortune--which was all I cared about, anyway. So things somehow work out for the best. I always knew I could trust him after that. After all, if a young man can be faithful to you, in New York City, having only a portrait of you to gaze upon for two years, could I not trust him in any other circumstance? I find myself in a similar situation, now. If I can trust his fidelity in our current situation, will I not be able to trust it when we once again reincarnate, together?

But that is not the reason we sat down to channel. Taking a break from his work, Steve paused to check the online "stats" for this website, and he noticed wryly that the theme music on my home page has been played well over twice as much as the page has been viewed, itself! That probably means someone likes it especially (you know who you are ;-); and that prompted Steve to ask if I might like to comment on it. (The theme music, that is, not the fan of the theme music ;-).

Well...now Steve doesn't know if he is writing, or channeling, but if he writes fast, more often than not he turns out to have been channeling. So type fast, Steve! I have told you that we once wrote under the pseudonymn of "Kappa, Lambda & Mu." Now, Steve noticed yesterday on the History channel, the "Ancient Aliens" series, that they introduced the legend of the Japanese "Kappa," the river sprite. They emphasized all the darkest qualities attributed to that sprite, calling it a "river demon," charging it with drowning little children, and all of that.

And somehow this is apropos, because people would make such charges about me. The medium who brought us together, Candace, said women would say, of me, "Got the devil." So it's no-wonder I identified myself with the poor Kappa, who was also much maligned!!! Sigh...

Mathew knew that I would never drown any unsuspecting children. (But that I would certainly drown him in my love, if only I got half a chance--I was quite dangerous in that respect!)

So what about this music? Well, our signature, as I've told you, was "Kappa, Lambda & Mu." Steve looked up all of these names, to see what significance they might have. Knowing that "Mu" probably meant our unborn son, he found two things. "Mu" has a mystical connotation, which it is rather difficult to define. It is, in fact, the unknowable, the very inexpressible Thing in Itself. When "Not this, not this" is exhausted, Mu is what is left over.

But Steve also found that in music, it means the second, added to the major triad. In the key of C, it is the D note. This music which Steve played for me, trying to channel me, musically, is the C scale played up through the 7th note; then descending back down to the 5th and tonic, and then up once to the D. Since the tones are lingering, the D mingles with the first and fifth to form a "Mu"--and what gives it special resonance, is that two lower octaves of the tonic (C) are struck along with it, and linger along with it. Steve also felt, intuitively, when he recorded this, that the final note should be placed in-between the beats, or just after the beat--and you may know there is a profound metaphysical teaching regarding the "space between," which we won't get into, here.*

Steve knows just enough music theory to be dangerous. He knows all of this--his eyes are not rolling back in his head, in a trance, as I dictate things he doesn't know! But I know far, far more than he (consciously) knows about music. I know why I inspired him to play this, and I know where it will take the receptive, capable listener. I want to bring you to my home, to set you to resonate with its vibration, before you start reading my introductory page.

When Steve attempted to channel this music for my home page, he wasn't sure he was channeling, at all. (Very often this is the case.) He questioned himself, saying, "Did I add that last note because I like it, or because Abby wanted it?" Later, he realized it is quite similar to the theme music he used to use for his company logo, "Gold Thread Video Productions," which one can hear at the beginning of his documentary. The people who have stolen it and posted it on YouTube, have eliminated the logo and its music. It was there for the same reason--not so much to promote his business, but to set the vibration level for the viewer. Then there is slow harp music as the title comes up, which was there for the same purpose. One insensitive thief actually sped up that music (along with the title), presumably because its slow pace just bugged him so!!! Thus you can see the difference between people who are attuned, and those who are not. We cannot blame those who are not attuned--it is not their time, or perhaps they are developing other virtues which preclude sensitivity in this lifetime. To them, the logo theme music was just advertising, and hence could be cut--and to them, the slow harp music was annoying.

But I did channel that music to Steve, meaning, the music for my own website. Some few people recognize it deep inside; it takes them home (i.e., if their astral home has a similar vibration to my own, here). They want to go home...to remember it. So it is no wonder someone might be inclined to play it over and over. But really, it is designed to just give you a touch, you see. It's a vibrational calling card. "This is who I am; and this is where I am from." It is a calling card for those with "ears to hear."

This is so that people, who are truly receptive, can know we are the "real deal," and thus right off the bat, distinguish us from the thousands of phonies out there.

Sigh...I must let Steve go back to work. He is fascinated to see his old writing, which he feels a profound recognition for. Mathew's personality was a little different, and he feels that personality welling up within him, at times--he says, like almost being able to burp, but not quite. Well, he was gallant and gay, and not quite so settled and stable as Steve is, today. But Mathew was only able to remain married to me, across the Great Divide, for a couple of years; whereas Steve will stay the course with me indefinitely, as long as it takes. Steve still has Mathew's traits inside him. But he is more anchored. I, too, have changed. I am not quite so much the self-conscious Victorian, meaning, self-consciously spiritual. Nor am I so much impressed with heaven, having been here for quite some time. Some of you might be shocked by that (especially those who have seen too many near-death-experience accounts!). Suppose you have lived in a hamlet all your life, and suddenly a rich relative absconds with you and takes you to Disney World! But you only get to the gate, before the authorities, checking your name with a police list, say that you have to go back. What will you tell your friends about what you saw through the gate? But then, suppose you go back, later in life, and end up working there. Steve remembers a co-worker--a very pretty young lady named Suzie, who was quite the cynic and wore a dour expression--who said that she had worked there, but had to quit because they "made you smile all the time."

Well, I am not so much like Suzie, but really, when you have lived here and worked here as long as I have, the "new" wears off. I kid you not. Especially if your real happiness is with someone who is incarnate at the time, and you really only want his love, and to be with him. Steve has given me the amazing treasure of loving me from there...but still, we are separated in a large measure, and this place, as grand as it is, becomes tiresome when I am not with him.

I would take a body in a minute to be with him, but as he is 63, it isn't a very practical solution. We will get his work done, together, and then he will join me, here. (Of course, never commit suicide to join your beloved in heaven. You will give him or her a huge headache trying to rescue you, and you might not be able to be together after all that, even if they succeed in helping you.)

Mu...I've been rambling, haven't I? But this is how the thoughts came to Steve. This Mu, the musical mu (and is "mu" part of the root of the word, "music"?), is the essence of Creation. It is the Unsettled, the urge to know, the urge to completion. The urge to union. The urge to resolution. The prod forward--the "pioneer" vibration. It doubles back on itself and wants to find Oneness; but ever and anon, it creates. It is the essence of me and Steve, eternally creating the Mu vibration, together, expressing it, together, until we fade into that Silence which is the real Mu.

Love to each and all,

*There is also a mystical significance to the fifth (as in C and G), which Steve feels intuitively but can't quite express. It is the anchor, like standing on two legs instead of one. Standing on two legs, one's head is raised up toward the sun. It is the vibration of nobility, which is to say, nobility of spirit. The one having nobility raises his or her head high--like that. So in my website introduction, we have a lingering hint of nobility in the background, behind the creative mu, or first-and-second, which is driving it primarily. This gives you my signature vibration.