June 2, 2017


It's my birthday! We have only a few minutes...we went to the Center dedicated to our Guru, walked on the beach where he once walked, sat in the renovated barn where he held group meetings. Then we stopped by the bakery for a banana-nut muffin for Steve, and poured a glass of the wine that I had earlier picked out for him. This is a blend, "Match Book" Tinto Rey, 2011 (at least it is six years old!). I have given Steve the feeling that while blends may not be so special, today, they were very special and sought-after in my day. And this is a good one. It is a perfect compromise between the type of wine he likes, and the type I like (I would not pick something just for me, on my birthday, when we would be sharing it).

Steve is in the middle of research--a time when we were parted, when he gazed at my picture and promised his fidelity--and kept it.

And is this imagination? It is, for him, of necessity. But not for me. And it is not merely imagination. You of the modern world, automatically equate "imagination" with "merely imagination." But one can reach out to unseen worlds with imagination, starting with imagination. As Steve is doing, with me.

I took birth, in 1816, to be with Mathew. I will take birth again and again, to be with him. We are birds-of-a-feather, and peas in a pod. I breathe in, and he breathes out. Like that.

Love to each and all,