June 25, 2017


Steve is going to break off from typing up his past-life reporting work, to channel for me. This is something he has been putting off for a few days, now, because he is reluctant to deal with the topic, and kept thinking it was just his own ideas coming forth. But finally he thinks, maybe I do want to talk about it, that it might be relevant to someone, and he will try to proceed.

The subject came up as regards missing me physically; the problem, in any long-distance relationship (including across the Great Divide), of missing physical touch. Including, but not limited to, sex, of course. Even the simplest things. We will have that when he crosses over. Do you think we cannot touch each other, here? Of course, we can. But now, with him there, on that level of vibration, and me here, on this one, we cannot. I have sometimes given him "tickles" or electric "touches," though it takes a great deal of energy for me to do it. Steve knows not to ask that of me perpetually, because it is so exhausting, but I give them sometimes on the spur of the moment, when feeling becomes so strong that it is just spontaneous. I have kissed him on the forehead, for example, with a sustained electric "tingle," when I just couldn't resist it for some reason. Love is best when entirely natural and spontaneous, in this situation as in all situations.

But still there is the wish to be held, which is based on the memory, strong or dim as the case may be, of being held in the past.

Now, what Steve felt from me, about this, is that I sympathize deeply with his own longings. I long for this just as much, but in the sense of reflecting his longing, of longing with him, as it were. I feel with him what he feels, in other words. So this is why, in psychic readings, you see that the partner in the astral realm sometimes is supportive of the one left on earth, finding another partner. What is very often happening here is, that the person on earth is miserable, and lonely. The person in heaven feels this intensely, by way of sympathy--and seeing that there is no redress, wants the person on earth to be happy, and not to be miserable.

This doesn't mean we don't have human feelings. It means we don't have physical jealousy, or physical lust (most of us--that, I am giving Steve to understand, is hard to explain), because we no-longer have a physical body. So the physical brain doesn't send out hormonal juices, and so-on. But we are still human, and still have human emotions.

So the situation is more complicated than what you might conclude from watching these readings. What happens is that our sympathy can override our jealousy, if that makes sense. And by jealousy, I mean, that longing for our partner to bond with us specially, and not to need another. Here's the best explanation I can give, and this applies most and especially to soul-mates; we long for our partner to long for us, in that special way of being bonded. But we cannot bear our partner to be miserable, you see, and our sympathy will win out over our fond wishes for exclusivity. It is not that we don't care; it is not that our love has now become of the impersonal variety. We have not suddenly become your sister or brother, just by having shed the body. As they say, "It's not that."

Because that would be a travesty. We have not all become "swingers" just by having left behind the physical body. But we fain would not see you miserable, and so would "suffer it" for you to take another partner. Like that.

Now, if you don't wish to take another partner, you still have this longing for physical touch building up. This, we won't go into (and Steve refuses), but, we can fully contact you as energy. If you learn how to be receptive (to your partner, not to any spirit Tom, Dick and Harriet, of course), you will find you are not really missing so very much. Communication can be learned; energy-contact can be learned; spirit-presence can be felt, more or less depending on how thin or thick the veil is at various times. It is only this matter of physical contact that is missing.

Sometimes life requires physical separations, even when both people are incarnate. One has to work in another city; one is incarcerated; one has to tend to family matters in a foreign country. This is really not much different. You will be apart for so-many years; and then you will be re-united. How you deal with that is the creative challenge. Love can overcome challenges.

That is all, and I will let Steve go back to work.

Love to each and all,