June 17, 2017


Okay, so Steve feels I might want to channel--on what he has no idea--and he tells me I have half an hour. See what happens when an astral girl marries a man on the earth? I escaped time, and now I have half an hour!

I don't have any sermons (you'll be relieved to know). Sigh...what to say? Steve is immersing himself in Mathew's writing (his writing, when he was Mathew) from the period before we were married--when we were "an item," or rather, an "item-in-waiting," but Mathew was trying to establish himself in the world, preparatory to asking for my hand, formally, in marriage. He was being faithful, by promise, and I was being faithful. Steve thinks maybe I set aside a little money for our future, by doing book translations; he worked for a New York paper, and acted as a sales agent for his business partner in our home town.

Always, Steve feels it, while I remember it completely. Did I read the paper that Mathew was contributing to, obtaining copies illicitly by "hook or crook"? Now, I used this expression once before, and horrified one of my readers, who decided I could not be who I am purported to be, or I would not use such indelicate language. So later on I modified it: "Does Bruin relieve himself amongst the verdancy?" You will know to what I refer ;-).

Of course I read everything Mathew wrote, every piece of it I could get my hands on. Sometimes it worried me for him; sometimes it sparked my jealousy fears; mostly, it made me yearn for his dear, dear humor, and admire him so! Do you know that you can burn with admiration, for someone you love and admire? I did.

Steve is interrupted by his cat, who goes downstairs where his mother is sleeping, yowls, and gets attention thereby--possibly even being carried upstairs! She is quite spoiled. But then, how can you punish a cat? Sometimes you just have to let the smaller one win. She is a dear, but she has her own mind. Steve's other cat is with me. She is a character, and we get along famously. I have told Steve, apologetically, that we have bonded, and she is my cat, now. Not literally--no-one owns an animal, here. But we are "tight" now. She comes and goes; but when she is tired of her wanderings, and of serially "adopting" various families in the neighborhood, she returns here to her home base, and rests in front of my hearth. All this is literal, I am giving Steve to feel. It is literal, but it is maleable. Do you have your computer, or your living room, set up the way you like it? Is it real? Yes, it is real, but it is how you like it. You could change it if you wanted to. It is like that here, but much, much more so, as one can change things with a thought (given some effort put into it). So, I have a real hearth, and Steve's cat Penny curls up in front of it--because we both like it that way. I also have a real dock floating on a real lake, where I will bring Steve once he is through "orientation," upon first crossing over. And he will shyly look up into my eyes, and we will know everything that has ever been between us.

I feel full with bliss from this thought, and cannot channel more. Steve needs a few minutes to post this, before he starts his day caring for his mother. Steve is learning patience in this situation. There is nothing like serving someone to teach the good virtues. What he is learning--patience, and extreme efficiency--will stand us in good stead someday, in our next incarnation on earth, together. It will turn out to have been absolutely necessary. It also, perhaps, enables him to come here where I am, because you can't come to my particular region--I am giving Steve to understand (and take it with a grain of salt)--unless one has served. I did so, and came here--if he wants to be with me in my home, he must have that experience under his belt. So every tight or difficult situation you are in, can be preparation, absolutely necessary preparation, for what you want to accomplish in the future. What does it matter if you have forgotten that desired future, now? You will remember it in due course, and you will be grateful that you had the necessary training.

Love to each and all,