June 11, 2017


Steve is all caught up in "you just channeled two days ago," and do I want to do it again so soon, and do I want to say this, or is it his idea, and all of that. You can't tie yourself up in knots like that. You have to boldly sally forth, and then fine-tune it as you go. "Fine-tune" isn't the phrase I would have used, but Steve is following my advice, here, and "sallying forth!"

What you do is to sally forth, and then pause to redo things that aren't quite right. Not sally forth like a bull, charging through and leaving things as they fall! It is both, together. Neither paralyzed with inaction, nor taking heedless action, you see. But boldly going forward with considered action, so that you learn from your mistakes.

I was just giving Steve another piano lesson, from the books I used to play from, in the 1830's. Steve has come to understand that I have a unique method. He has learned the rules. He takes a passage slowly, but with even tempo--so that he doesn't "hang up" on the same notes over and over, not realizing it, and thus actually be practicing a mistake! Then, once he should have reached a certain level of proficiency on that passage, I want him to play it flawlessly, such that now, if he makes a mistake, he should start over. But not at first. I "prompt" him when he has reached that competence, for that particular passage. But here is the second rule--when he masters something new--even the smallest thing, in a single passage--I ask him to stop. He stops with the idea and feeling of success; but more than that, the new mastery gets burned into his brain. If he plays more, it will get muddled, you see. I want a clear imprint of success for the next time. This way, he improves by very small increments. I might not have him even practice another piece--maybe one more, at most. This way, when he returns to it, he has improved, by a tiny fraction--but there is always forward motion.

This, because he has a physical human brain, which slows us down considerably; and because his brain is not really "wired" for music in this lifetime, so much. A brain has to be so-wired to realize proficiency in music, in a physical incarnation. Here, it is not so.

As I explained this to Steve, just now, in thought-bursts, he realizes that he really is the stupid one in the relationship--but he lovingly doesn't mind. He says we know, now, that I tutored him before--that I was the brilliant (if odd) one--that he not only didn't mind it, but revelled in my being his teacher. That it is part of our relationship, for me to be his tutor. And so it feels natural to him, now, for me to be his guide. This is the muse, which was known in times past. Oh, Steve says the "Ancient Alien" series on History Channel says that the muses were probably aliens! Oh, I think I am prettier than an alien, don't you? ;-)

But I will not disparage them--they are out of the box, and that is good--now they have to let go of the philosophy of Materialism. They are correct about many things--only, they must now reduce it all to physical aliens. That is because it has to be physical. If there is nothing other than the physical universe, then all these anomalous things must be caused by aliens. But how will they explain Steve's case; and how will they explain our relationship across the Great Divide? And, after all, what do they think will happen when they die? Will a spaceship come for them, and take them to Orion's Belt? But, I (and Steve with me) digress...

I am giving Steve the isolated thought, "Poor aliens," but I won't elaborate.

Have aliens, from long past advanced civilizations on earth, turned themselves into freaks in exchange for long life? This is the thought Steve thinks maybe he has gotten from me, more than once. "Poor aliens..."

Because it would have been done through genetic experimentation--gone awry.

Well, we will leave that for Steve to wonder whether he "got that right." I wanted to talk about teaching, about letting your spirit guide, or spirit partner, teach you. This is one of the most delicious experiences one can have, both here in the astral realm, and across the Divide. Oh, remember Steve had a sore heel? And I gave him the idea for the "orange whacker" to fit on the bottom of his recliner, so his foot wouldn't hit the wooden corner underneath the now-thinning padding? Well, it kept on hurting him, as well as the ball of his foot. What else do you suppose was causing it? He found out. It was the way he was sitting in his office desk chair at the computer. He would place the ball of his right foot, with only a sock on, on top of the strut that holds one of the wheels. Then he would press down in an unconscious habit, stretching his Achilles heel as he did so. Presto--a stone bruise on the ball of that foot, and a sore Achilles tendon. It's already much better after 2-3 days of making sure he doesn't do that.

Can you imagine, a doctor might have charged him thousands of dollars for pain-killers (to which he could have gotten addicted), and an operation (which could have failed, and left him crippled)? Then he would have to sue, which would drive up everybody's insurance rates. All for a stupid habit which I was able to point out to him, and hence stop him from hurting himself through "repeated insult."

If I advised you to look out for such things, Steve might get sued for giving medical advice without a license! So I won't say that.

This is just one small way in which I can advise Steve, and teach him. I have also given him advice about caretaking for his elderly mother. She is now on only three medicines (four, counting eye drops), and her medical checkups are basically routine, given her age and general condition. How many medicines are most elderly people on?

There are many other areas in which I can teach him and help him. This relationship between people in the physical world, and those they are closely connected to in the astral world, is normal, or in an enlightened society, should be normal. It will be normal once again, someday. Death should not normally signal the irrevocable end of soul-mate relationships, or other close ties. That person then becomes the "scout," which is to say, the one who is up on the hill and can report back. It is an opportunity to develop the non-physical aspects of the relationship, and to learn not to take the physical so seriously, meaning, as a be-all and end-all. You have heard, "Eat to live, don't live to eat." This is true of the body as a whole. You have heard that the body is a temple--so, you use the temple to worship something beyond it, while inside it. You don't worship the temple, itself. This is even true of the Taj Mahal. What is important--the temple, or the love which the builder had for his beloved wife, which is what that temple signifies? Never lose sight of this. But in a normal, healthy society, death is just the opportunity to start the kind of relationship Steve and I now have. In the end, it should amount to "switching gears." Your relationship with your child is in one stage, when in utero; in another stage, during their childhood; and in another, in young adulthood. All of this is switching gears; and in a healthy situation, with a normal understanding of matters spiritual, death of one spouse, for a soul-mate couple, is another switch of gears. It has its own challenges, and its own delights.

Love to each and all,