May 6, 2017


Are you disappointed that we have not reported anything as dramatic as my tangible contact with Steve the other day? This is not a work of fiction...and I may not give him that kind of contact for months, or years--or I may do it tomorrow. Steve doesn't care. He takes away from the experience the absolute faith that I am with him, as much as if I were physically present in the room, but he couldn't see me (as, for example if he were blind). And he also takes away from it something else I had wanted to impress upon him--that even though he is 63 years old, in this body, while I am of indeterminate age (being always young and vibrant, unless I choose to be otherwise), I love him equally in the romantic sense. Because, he has worried about this, and expressed that worry, lately--so I was answering that issue, as well. He only now realizes that I was responding to that question. I always try to respond to his (serious) questions, one way or another, as he has come to realize.

Now, there is something quite amusing, to me. Steve thinks it is ironic, and instructive, while I think it is amusing! But we don't want to ruffle any feathers, or hurt anyone's feelings. How can we go about this? The person would recognize herself, if she were to read this--but I think that is unlikely. Profoundly unlikely, unless it were brought to her attention, somehow. But we will be kind.

You may recall me telling the story of how I first contacted Steve, through his musical compositions. How he was creating samples for a self-help CD, and all of them were rejected except the one I inspired him to write, which was actually my message to him.

Well, eventually, Steve created a "music bed" for the CD producer's voice to go over--he jokingly named it "Horizontal Pasta" (because it was a music bed of noodling)--and it was used. Steve received no money; it was a trade-out for one of the hypnotic regressions during which Steve tried to remember facts about his life as Mathew, in the 1800's. Steve is not a musician; but with computer software, he found he could create some compelling chord progressions, nonetheless. He was a musician, once, in a past life--he believes it was in the 1600's, and I concur. He was an organist, then.

So he still has some of this talent, latent within him, and he was able to create some strong chord progressions, despite all the hampering restrictions and conditions under which he was placed for this music bed. I've prompted Steve (the day after we channeled this) to add a sample of the original music, before the narration was added. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the one that was finally accepted;* but he found the earlier one, which contained the piece I had inspired for him, before we got together. Here's a bit of one of the other samples (the voices are software-created):

Horizontal Pasta

Now, the final, even-more "pasty" version was sold to a large organization which churns out a great number of these types of CD's. But Steve noticed that the creator of this one, reports that the organization says this (which was done some years ago, obviously) is still one of their best-selling self-help CD's! How much money has that organization made of it, Steve wonders? When he never saw a dime? Of course the person Steve did the music for, is quite convinced it is her pithy words of wisdom in the self-help narrative which makes it so popular. But Steve has the sneaking suspicion that it is the music. And again, I would concur.

This illustrates a principle. People who make money; people who sell something that becomes popular--have somehow borrowed, or stolen, or otherwise obtained, something which has spiritual substance. Even if that substance has been watered down, or leavened in the mix, still, its vibration remains, and draws people unconsciously. Thus it was with "A Christmas Carol," which I wrote and Mathew helped me with. It had the vibration that we channeled into it; Dickens diluted it for popular consumption. It appealed to the broad masses because of the elements he put in it, and because he presented it as a "ghost story of Christmas"; but it drew people, magnetically, because of the essence we had channeled into it. In a sense, the flashy or superficial coating applied to such a thing, disarms the masses into accepting it into their psyche. It is sort of a "sugar pill," you might say. Because people will reject full-strength spirituality; but they will take into their psyche that higher vibration, if it is coated in a "sugar pill" of worldly tinsel.

Now, if you want flash and pizzaz, like me doing something dramatic to Steve every week, you may be disappointed. Because that is the least of what is happening between us. But I think the vast majority of you, who read my journal, are more mature than that.

So now Steve feels I have stopped; he's suddenly "dead in the water." With no more coming, seemingly. He feels I was a little judgmental, there. Substance is spiritual. Substance is not material. Think on this--what does the metal, gold, remind you of? What qualities does it bring to mind? It is bright, it is warm, it is rich, and full, and generous--so many spiritual qualities does gold signify. They say, "a heart of gold."

But what happens if the physical symbol is given value in its own right? What happens to the heart, no sooner does that happen? The heart closes down--the heart becomes the opposite. How ironic..and how stupid.

But this is a lesson--a very, very hard lesson, for some people. Substance is the thing the gold reminds us of. Substance is not the physical thing, itself. The physical thing is insubstantial; while the intangible thing is the real substance.

Therefore our Guru says, "Things that are Real are given and received in silence."

If I am able to come into Steve's waiting arms once, responsively, and give him my physical, electric presence, there are two directions he can take it. He can want more, and more, and more of it, becoming miserly and demanding. Or he can be grateful for the long-awaited experience, and what it has left him in its wake.

The future is not for us, in the spirit world, to manifest to people on earth physically. We can do it, but this is just to get your attention. Don't expect us to do that. The secret is this--where there is substance, meaning, real substance, there we are already in contact. There, we are already communicating.

The crying need of humanity is to eschew appearance, for substance--and to put things in their proper perspective, and give things their proper value. This seems simple--but it is the touch-stone for all of mankind's ills. Steve feels there may be more I want to say, but he was interrupted by his cat disturbing his mother's sleep, and then the kitchen was crawling with roaches which had to be killed, and it rather put him off the mood for channeling! So he has patched it together here at the end the best he can, and we will call it a night!

I do understand Steve's physical world--I also understand that if one can be spiritual in the midst of such things, with good humor, keeping one's correct perspective, then one rises to a very high level, here! Steve sees the concept, but cannot put it into words--earth is the proving ground--we all know that--but what does that mean? It is the place where circumstances are such that you can hit the bullseye. Nowhere in the astral realm makes you find the center, the way that struggling to regain one's footing in the material world, can do. Does that make sense? But you already know truly spiritual there, in the material world, with your correct priorities intact--laughing at what deserves to be laughed at--the little things--and never failing to take seriously those things which deserve to be taken seriously--like God and spirit and compassion--and you will find, when you come here, that you have already hit the spiritual bullseye, and will rise to heights unimaginable.

Steve remembers, suddenly, as he prepares this entry for posting, that this is the anniversary of the day, in 1983, when his younger son, Daniel, was murdered by a babysitter. We have not shared that story with you. Steve survived that experience with his faith intact, but he was not immune to grief. He had to go through it just the same. Daniel is here; but declines to talk to Steve, wishing, instead, that they begin a relationship anew as adults, because Daniel is no-longer a 7-month-old child (to the extent he ever was). So they have much to discuss--but, as adults, after Steve comes here. Do you know that when Steve's faith in life after death, and in God, got him through that experience, at that very time he typed a paper for the famous physicist, Paul Dirac, who was a professor emeritus there at Florida State University where Steve was working as a typist? What energy vibration was working in that transaction? Who is great, and who is famous? Who the child, and who the sage? We don't know, while on earth. Everything is backwards there. Jesus gave us this principle in the Sermon on the Mount. The large on earth are the smaller, here; the large, here, are the small on earth. But if any rule can be given, it is this--real substance is not in the mind, so much as it is in the heart.

Love to each and all,

*He found it later on, but this is the one I wanted him to share. This means that Steve is not only able to channel me, but at times, he is capable of channeling angelic energies and higher spiritual energies. This is the real definition of a genius--someone who can, at times, act as a conduit for the higher spiritual realms and bring that vibration down into the earth, in the form of literature, art, music or other types of creative expression. In Steve's case, he cannot access his former technical expertise in music, and so he expresses it, in that art form, only imperfectly; but the connection is still there.