May 27, 2017


Steve seems to be getting a series of thoughts from me, regarding his recent "Update" and other such things...and he wonders whether I am just conveying them to him, privately, or whether I wish to channel. It has not been so long since the previous entry...but I ignore things like regular time-tables (except when it comes to birthdays and such--mine coming up on the 2nd of June :-).

Now, the first thought I gave Steve--which he has thought, before--regards Victor Zammit, whom Steve mentioned in his Update. I am giving him to understand that in past lives, Victor was a "guardian" of a circle, meaning, loosely, a coven. Steve learned of such guardians while working on his documentary many years ago. So the guardian would be there to protect the group, and he might pick up "this or that" by way of the mysteries, by association, but his primary charge was to protect the members. This would certainly fit Victor's style, on both counts; because he, also, seems to be a person who is passionate about defending paranormal researchers and advocates, while he, himself, by association, has picked up "this or that." I don't mean that disparagingly--it is what it is. Thus he may not always be able to tell the sheep from the goats, in his presentations; and thus, he may not recognize what Steve and I are doing, as being something in his "purview." This is what Steve was trying to "get a handle on" in his Update, you see--we are not of the same group, and so therefore Victor does not, actually feel the need to protect us, which in modern times, means, promote our work. It is outside his purview. Steve will have to look up this word, because it is an old one and he no-longer knows how to spell it.

I have, in years past, told you that today, I would be called "Wiccan." And yet, in the last entry, I sound like a Christian. Which is it? No labels would have fit me; so that to the Christians, I was Wiccan; but to the Wiccans, I was Christian! I fit in no group, nor do I, today, nor does Steve, today. We are both followers of Meher Baba; but that is for another day. In my day, in the 1830's, I was what you may call an esoteric Christian; but you could equally call me a Wiccan of faith. Put any labels you wish on me--but I think most of you have moved beyond labels, and have dispensed with them (except perhaps for convenience of speech with those who have not).

When Mathew published my stories, almost 10 years after I had passed, he prefaced the second one with this quote--in answer to those Christians who had criticized me:

"Our father says that what before
We told you was not right;
For God has grace enough in store
To save a Water Sprite."

Steve watched History Channel's show on aliens and ancient civilizations all day (off-and-on, as he worked) yesterday. I am giving Steve to feel that there are aliens; they are not, and were not, gods. They certainly are not God! As to where they come from, I am keeping silent on that. Perhaps they are a result of genetic experimentation from previous ages, when people were technologically advanced, as they are, now. Remnants of that time. Perhaps they are a standing warning to humanity not to play God. Because, if they achieved physical immortality, at what cost? I have told Steve that the moon was once a garden planet for the rich. Of couse, someone would have resented that. But these are just vague impressions Steve is getting from me as he types along. As for the reductionism inherent in these slick presentations on the History Channel, well, I suppose the people being interviewed felt that it was best to get the information out in any form, even if it is skewed. It is progress to challenge the status quo, even if one's initial hypotheses aren't including the spiritual realm. They would drag us all down to physical aliens, you see--all the beings of the astral realm, all the beings of higher realms, and God, Himself! But that is a folly which will soon be dispensed with, once the conceptual world of the status quo is challenged. Once you get outside the official view, and expose it for the fantasy it is, you can't go back. You can't stuff yourself back in the box. So perhaps one will go, as Swami Vivekananda said, from "good to greater good."

This is becoming a high-brow entry! Perhaps we should lighten it, a bit. If I was concerned for my popularity, I certainly would! And I see I am falling quite a bit behind Steve's "Updates," though he has been writing almost every other day. You'd think someone would notice, at least, that he can write; and that he claims to be the reincarnation of a writer. You can't fake that. And if he can write, this actually cuts the pool of possibles by a huge percentage. Of the general population, how many can write a penetrating essay every other day? Perhaps one percent. That means you have eliminated 99% just by this one demonstration of talent. It means that Steve is up with those who have the talent to be professional columnists. Coincidence?

These letters, too, require writing talent--precisely the same sort of talent Mathew had. He could write convincingly in character, including as women characters. Steve must also write, in-character, as myself, putting form on my thought-bursts to him. Sometimes he gets words, or phrases, he feels I want to use. Most often, I let him clothe my thoughts in words, and only stop him if it doesn't feel right. So if he doesn't feel me correcting him, he just goes on, you see.

How many people can do that?

Now, Steve is wanting me to "weigh in" on David Thompson, the physical medium used by Victor Zammit, who apparently has been rather a bone of contention among his supporters, or erstwhile supporters. First of all, we view Victor with much affection and appreciation. Who is taking our part, there on earth, as vigorously and courageously as he has? So we can forgive him for a little error here, or there. Who on earth is free from errors?

I won't pronounce on David, one way or the other. Why, Steve feels, has once again to do with it not being my purview. It is, to put it colloquially, "none of my business." There are broad groups, or movements, which attempt to help people on earth. One does not interfere with the work of another movement. It has to do with past-life connections, and it has to do with the Guides who are behind each movement, which has to do with energy and energy signatures and astral realms, and things I don't want to get into. A "wave" of help comes from a certain astral group, or region (which is the same thing); someone who is working in connection with a different vibration, a different realm, and a different group, will not interfere with it. It must rise and fall on its own merits. There are more nuances, but that is the gist of it.

Steve has taken a few minutes to give attention to the cat, who was asking for it quite politely. She has learned, like a child, that if she is being neglected, she can go downstairs and yowl, and Steve will have to go down and bring her up into the room. But if that doesn't quite work properly, she will give normal asking, here, a try. You see how it is. This is the subconscious mind, in animals. You have the same subconscious mind, within yourself--and you must treat it similarly, with kindness, and at times, with firmness. Steve also wanted to mention here (on re-read), that I have given him to understand that what you experience as your subconscious mind, on earth, becomes our fully-conscious mind, here in the astral realm. It makes sense if you think about it. We are fully conscious, but our minds take on more of the traits of the subconscious mind, which is to say, we "think" through intuition, and communicate without language, directly. This is why the mediums have to work through their subconscious mind in order to communicate with us. This is also why animals can talk when they get here--sort of the way they are depicted by C.S. Lewis in the "Narnia" books. They are not intelligent as human beings are, but they can talk, being already developed as the subconscious mind. I have spoken of "Miller the Daft Bear," here, and was only half-jesting.

By the way, Steve has thrown over Miller Draft beer for Corona Extra! Though he limits himself to one occasionally (or not so occasionally) for lunch.

So, anyway, I was going to say that what Steve is doing with me, now, is the culmination of lifetimes of study and striving. Many times he has lost me, and has delved into the ancient books to try to reconnect with me. That it came so effortlessly, in this life, is because he strove so hard--seemingly, unsuccessfully, for the first several attempts--in past lives. You know that Steve has found evidence to support what he has felt ever since he was a child, that it was he who wrote "The Raven," not Edgar Allan Poe--and it was written for me, after my death. Do you see, in the beginning of the poem, how he describes himself as pouring "over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore"? This is literal, not a cliche. Steve has also found that for a few years, Mathew was able, in that lifetime, to do what we are doing, now. You know that in physical life I used to play and sing for him; here is one of his poems, all of which are titled, "Over the Way":

Oh, sweet the note ringing there
Over the way,
Blessed thoughts bringing there
Over the way;
Sweet voices swelling
Glad tales are telling,
All gloom dispelling
Over the way.

Music sweet sounding there
Over the way,
Rapture abounding there
Over the way;
Oh, cease not its trilling,
Oh, cease not distilling
That melody "killing"
Over the way.

Sing thou that strain again
Over the way,
Let me not ask in vain
Over the way:
'Tis joy to my spirit--
My heart leaps to hear it,
Fair minstrel, still cheer it
Over the way.

Now, I'm telling Steve to stop writing my journal entry! Listen, listen for what I want to say...

He is getting the feeling of what it meant to play and sing for him. This, by the way, was done by accomplished wives for their husbands. There is only one arena in which the talents of wives, in entertaining their husbands, is valued anymore, and you know what that is! But in our day, that was only one of the many talents we brought to the marriage, to make our husbands contented and happy. And I use the word "contented" intentionally, because for some of us, it was partly out of fear that he would stray. And now we come to what Steve was going to jump to, and that is, that although he remained in a marriage across the Great Divide for some few years, in the end, he did stray with a young woman who physically looked a bit like me. He rationalized--under pressure of hormones and his subconscious mind--that it could be me, reincarnated...he rationalized that I wanted this for him. But she was quite unsuitable--she was an advocate of Free Love, who found him attractive enough as an older man, but certainly had no intentions of marrying him (unless he had been wealthy, which he wasn't). So when he proposed, she demurred, and broke his heart. And he felt he had betrayed me, and I was prevented from going to him because I had been unable to restrain myself as instructed, and it was a mess. We simply weren't ready to sustain it.

We have grown to the point that we can, today. So as with so many things in life, we are now in a position to "get it right." But I did want you to know that what we are doing, now--including going public with it--has a long history. But I also wanted to briefly return to this subject of the subconscious mind. Because Steve has noticed that when he sees a face which is similar to mine, as Abby, he can't help these strong feelings of wanting, not only to possess her sexually, but to fall in love with her. What is that? he asks.

The subconscious mind has a mind of its own. It remembers directly--but it is stupid, meaning, without much discernment. It says, "I remember how Abby looked, even though you don't, and this is Abby!!!! Go to her, love her, find her!!!!" But the poor subconscious mind can't understand that that body which it remembers, is now only a few blackened bones, in my grave, which was moved so that little of it remains in the spot where my stone lies. It would do Steve no good even to hold a few of those shards in his hand. What of it? They cannot play music for him--they cannot love him. But I can!!! I can share our music, as he now uses his (reincarnated) fingers to play it, from the old books we once owned (including the one Mathew gave me for a Christmas present, one year); I can love him; I can even come to him, as energy, on rare occasions. My mind is as quick as ever; my heart is his, entirely; I am still with him, if only he will acknowledge me and love me as he once did. Nothing is lost--only that body, which would now be some 200 years old!

But the subconscious mind is emotional. It can't think, in the ordinary sense. It recognizes the face as me (seeing as through a fog), and it leaps and jumps and forces Steve to pay attention!

Now, if you have not developed the ability to stand back and say, "Whoa, boy, wait a minute, let me look at that"--then you will blindly obey the commands of that mind. Do you see? Most people have become the slaves of their subconscious mind, rather than learning to control it. It would be as though a horse was in control, rather than its rider. Or, like taking a Great Dane for a walk in the park, where the dog was pulling the walker anywhere it wanted to go.

Then, what we do, is, we say, "The dog isn't pulling me--it just so happens that wherever it wants to go, is also where I want to go!"

Well, we know better than that...

And this is how Mathew got side-tracked from our brave effort to reinstate our marriage across the Great Divide, last time. Not so this time. He is mine, no matter what face makes his subconscious mind jump for a little while. The Great Dane has now been taught to "heel."

And this is necessary, for anyone who wishes to pursue this path. Otherwise, you can't last very long, at it.

The other thing that is necessary, Steve says, is to learn to catch yourself in the act of rationalizing. Well, we don't have that, here, in the astral realm--or, I will say, it is the determined rationalizer who can keep it up, here! I did that on earth, with regard to my other-worldly take on spirituality and religion. I thought heaven was the goal of it all, and I was wrong. It hurt Mathew, when I let myself leave prematurely; it hurt me, because suddenly I could see that I had abandoned my partner. Never again. I am here, now, in heaven--I like it "okay." One would not choose to live in Disney World. It's like that. Not without one's soul-mate, at any rate. I will enjoy it again, when he comes here, through his eyes. And to be honest, I enjoy it somewhat more, now, that we are back together. Steve, also, says that the weight of grief, which was on his shoulders all his life without really understanding what it was, is now off; and he, too, can enjoy the physical world more than he ever could before I came into his life. So though we are parted, we can "talk on the phone"; and having the assurance of each other's continued fidelity, we can enjoy where we are somewhat more. But mostly, we will enjoy being reunited.

And, Steve wonders, what will that be like? Suddenly, the real world, right here-and-now, will be that he is with me. His life as "Stephen Sakellarios" will be a dream, a memory, something that happened in the past. Real life, today's life, will be that he is my soul-mate here in the astral realm. We will make plans for our next incarnation, together. But I have told Steve, the very first thing, is that I will bring him home, to our home, which I have prepared for him. We will sit together on the floating dock, on the lake, at night. The breezes will blow, and sing--they sing, here--the stars will blaze, and add their voices--the water will glisten with knowing--as everything is alive, and conscious, here--and he will shyly look up, into my eyes--and we will know everything. Everything we ever did, everything we ever said. It will all come back to him. And then, perhaps, I will sing for him! Complete fulfillment.

And there is nothing more to write about, beyond complete fulfillment, so we will close, here.

Love to each and all,

P.S. I'm sorry, but on reflection, Steve does remember that there was one thing I wanted to convey, which I had explained to him yesterday, about the subconscious mind. I will try to make this as brief as possible, and perhaps we will return to it another day. It has to do with what I spoke of earlier, about "repetitive insult" as a cause of many conditions, especially, chronic ones. Now, your subconscious mind follows what it thinks you want--it maintains a kind of status quo, or what the scientists call "homeostasis." It maintains normal for you. If you keep on repeatedly introducing something different into your life, it (being simple) will get the idea that you want it that way. Or, it will get the idea, like a child or a pet, that you don't care anymore. Do you see what I'm trying to explain? It will say, "Oh, well, she doesn't care about this joint, or this limb, or this organ, or this system, because she keeps on violating it and changing it." It is kind of capricious, and even vindictive, this subconscious mind. It will get even; it will sulk, you see. It will say, "Okay, if she doesn't care about this, and keeps on re-injuring it, or re-insulting it, I will just let her have it the way she seemingly wants it!!!" Or, it may say, "She's not listening; I'm going to have to do something drastic to get her attention!!" This, Steve believes, is true in cases of exhaustion, where a person simply won't listen and won't stop over-working. The subconscious mind may say, "This has got to stop. I'm going to get his attention--just watch this!!!" So if you come in with drugs--which work by making suggestions to the subconscious mind--it may work for awhile, but it won't fool the subconscious mind forever. And when it realizes that it's been fooled, how may it react? What you do, and this is what I wanted to stress, is you honestly reassure your subconscious mind, as you might a child. And you must be honest. You honestly say--and mean it--"I get the message. I will slow down and tank up on energy for awhile" (just as an example). And then your subconscious mind is satisfied, you see. Just exactly as Steve's cat is now satisfied that she can get attention by asking politely, instead of going to the extreme of yowling downstairs. I could go on like this for a long time, but our channeling isn't precise enough for technical topics like this. There is also another powerful influence, here, and that is the impressions of past lives--because this isn't the first lifetime some of these habits have become entrenched--but we will not bring that into the mix, here. I leave this much for you to work out, on your own.