April 4, 2017


Steve doesn't know if I want to channel, or not, or whether it's just his idea. I just want to make this an addendum to what I channeled to Steve a few days ago.

Some of you may be thinking, "Why did it take seven years of marriage, across the Divide, for you to give Steve a tangible experience like this?" And the answer is two-fold. It is not necessarily what you are thinking, or what Steve might think, at first.

The first one is personal. When I died the last time, in 1841, I came to him right away--in full view--and scared the shit out of him, pardon my language! (Steve could write it any way he wants, but he feels I want to use a colloquialism, is all.) I scared the blue-blazes out of him, let us say. And it was awful. And it didn't help him believe in me--it just left him sobbing, and conflicted inside. I inadvertently put his heart and his mind at total war with each other, you see. In short, at least for the short term, I drove him mad. I felt awful about it, but I so much wanted to fix things, because I had let myself die--it's a long, personal story you don't want to hear.

So I never, never, never wanted to take a chance like that again. If I ever made myself tangible to Steve, again, I wanted to make sure he was ready for it. Finally, after seven years of him believing in me with very little tangible proof to go on, I felt he was ready. And he was. He took it with aplomb, gratefully, but not making too much out of it. Nor has his mind wavered. He just knows it's really, really, really real. That's all. And he's glad he guessed right.

Now, we are an old married couple, you see. Kind of like any other couple, except he can't see me. Will he take me for granted? Not on your life! Not because I am a ghost, or anything exotic. Because he truly loves me.

Now, the other reason I waited so long, is simply because I am experimenting with the method of contact. I have given him "electric kisses," or touches, before. Steve was wondering, today, why I did that for awhile, and then stopped. I gave him to understand, via thought-burst, that it was because that was a phase of experimentation, and when that phase of experimenting was over, I went back to studying again.

That suggests I may be able to do even more someday. The main thrust of my research, is for people who have progressed fairly high in the astral realm, to be able to tangibly contact their close one (soul-mate, or parent-and-child, say--the one who you are very, very in-tune with--can be a sibling, as well, or very-best-friend), without coming down into the low region near the earth; and also, without a medium. People have done it with mediums for many years. But we can't all use a medium; and some of us would prefer not to use any kind of intermediary.

So I am studying this, and making progress. I "experiment" on Steve, but only to the extent he is prepared sufficiently for it. That means, he neither makes too big a deal of it, nor does he get scared. Neither too much positive, or too much negative. He appreciates it when it happens--"Oh, she's experimenting, again." And he looks forward to the next time. And if it gets really, really, really real, okay, well he knows I'm real to begin with, so it's not really too surprising.

Love to each and all,