April 1, 2017


Steve notes that we are writing on April 1st, but this is not a Fools Day joke. Just to make that clear. We have only half an hour, here, to channel, so I will make this brief.

If you've been following my journal lately, you will have noticed that Steve has been expressing the desire, to me, for tangible contact. Not in a demanding way, but in natural, heartfelt yearning. Steve has also remarked that one thing he has learned about me, is that whatever request he makes, sooner or later I try to fulfill it. But how would I fulfill this one?

Last night, before bed, when he had been talking to me, Steve just spontaneously held out his arms, and said, "Come to me." How could I ignore that? It came straight from the heart. So I did. This requires that I lower my vibration rate way down, to the point that it is in the "yucky zone." But love is love, and my beloved called, and I could do naught but answer with my whole heart. And this is the thing that Steve knows, from my having explained it to him, that the one outstanding hallmark of the soul-mate relationship, is that soul-mates love each other equally. There is none of this one being more "into it" than the other. They are both totally into it; and for each other.

So Steve's heart got the better of him, and he called me, and I came. So what did he experience? He felt my tangible, electric presence, not for an instant, but for as long as he held his arms out. And a flash of white light which appeared three times, that he can recall, specifically over his right eye, as though a kind of side-ways crescent. Now, if it had not repeated three times, he would have thought nothing of it. But since it was obviously part of the experience, he knows it was real--but what did it mean? He has no idea. I'm not telling him. I'm saying it was a kind of side-effect of the electrical energy, which was impinging on his (physical) nerves. Because this, now, was physical energy. It wasn't physical touch, as in flesh to flesh, but it was physical energy, brought down to that level. And so, his optic nerves are the most sensitive, you see, so there was this anomaly. That's all.

I have given him electric touches before, on his skin (especially, on his forehead--Steve feels I am channeling a fond adjective, here, like "beautiful forehead" or "broad forehead," but he is embarrassed to write it ;-). This, however, was far more. Can I do it again? Did it require special "atmospheric" conditions? I'm not answering, not any of this. I like a little mystery; it keeps the romance lively. Let Steve ponder these things--let him anticipate the next time--let him wonder what else might be in store! What else might be possible...

Love to each and all,