April 13, 2017


This will be quick, we are on the way to the store and Steve is low on time. This morning, we walked to the beach, and Steve, not having time to take a proper walk, stood on the shore gazing at the ocean. He knows I come with him on these walks, but my mind blends with his so seamlessly, most of the time, that he isn't aware of me. This morning, however, he caught me, meaning, he caught a glimpse of my mind, distinct from his own. And this is how it happened.

In years past, Steve once saw something quite interesting. In the backlit waves, as they came rolling in and became thinly transparent--just before they crested--he could see a school of fish up inside the waves, all the way down the line. He has never seen this phenomenon since, though he often looks for it.

Failing to see it this time, he remarked to me, "I guess that one time was just a fluke." Immediately, he felt something different--as though I was amused! It wasn't him that was amused--it wasn't his mind. This was just for a split second; and then, he realized, he had made a pun! I thought it was funny, but he hadn't gotten it, yet.

Nevermind the skeptics, who will say it was Steve's own subconscious mind. He knows the difference. But this is for you--if you keep a close eye out, you can sometimes "catch" your beloved like this. It's fun! Play games with each other--play hide-and-seek. Play games just like you did when both of you were physically present. We love to play games (most of us)--we say, "Play with us!"

Love to each and all,