February 27, 2017


This is sort of an ongoing series on advanced communication with your other-side beloved. We are taking a different approach from those who want to bring that communication down to the earth plane. Instead, we are talking about how to raise the communication to your beloved's level. All this assumes he or she is not stuck in the realm near the earth vibration, but rather, abides in a relatively high zone or level of vibration in the astral realm. How do you bridge that gap? How can you communicate directly?

The secret, as I hinted last time, is that the heart is not affected by distance; and the heart, even in the human body, can be raised to a level of vibration to match that of your loved one who resides here. The catch is, that this is non-verbal communication (which we also use). Humans, at least modern-day, sophisticated ones, have gotten this prejudicial idea that language of the mind is precise and articulate; but language of the heart--if it really exists, at all--is mushy, vaporous, and vague. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason it is mushy, vaporous and vague, to you (collective "you"), is that it remains largely undeveloped. When it is developed, it is more precise, more nuanced, and capable of far deeper expression, than the language of the tongue and the mind.

We are going to try to give you a small example. The irony, here, is that we are trying to use language to convey an experience beyond language. Normally, poetry is used to bridge this gap, but we are not going to write a poem, or a song for you.

So, Steve is walking the beach this morning, on a beautiful, slightly cool, windy day, and I am with him in consciousness. As he looks at the surf coming in, he can feel, dimly, what I experience of it. He experiences something magnificent, dimly. This itself is a paradox to be grasped. Say, you just see the sun out of the corner of your eye. The sun itself is magnificent; but you only see it dimly. Like that.

What he sees will be very, very difficult to put into words. He feels that I live in a realm of perpetual beauty, stunning beauty, and that I am always radiantly cheerful and happy. But he feels it dimly. He knows, in a flash, as he "sees" with me, that when I look at this surf, I see a thousand masterful photographs all at once. In each little turn of foam, is another masterpiece, you see. And all at once--the entire line of beach is like this, to me, and it is blissful. Each glancing spark of sunlight; each dazzling white curve of foam. Each smoothly flowing, or dancing, little wavelet; and then the big crashing waves! I see it all at a glance, and it fills me with ecstacy!

Did you catch it, a hint of it? Did you feel it? The task before you is to meld your mind to your lover's mind, in real time. You can experience this with beautiful music, or anything at all. With sex, too (I don't mean to shock you). With a plant stem, or a flower, or a cloud, or the breeze blowing through a tree, or anything. Or a memory of the two of you being happily together. Grief blocks this--grief be gone! You are not a bad person for letting grief go for 10 seconds, or 30 seconds, or even five minutes. You can always dutifully put that veil back over your head, you know, later on. For as long as you feel you need it. But just set it aside for this five minutes.

Although we don't usually do this, Steve has remembered something else, that we shared on the beach, that he had wanted to include. It's a good example of how I can also teach him, though we have given similar examples, before. Have you seen the little terns--Steve supposes they are terns--smaller than the seagulls, who "camp out" in the surf not far off shore? They all fly as a flock, and they land in the water as a flock. But they are right there in the surf. They are so funny! because they look as though they are quite settled in, and have been for years, but as soon as the next wave comes, up they go! They flap madly and wait for that wave to pass underneath--as a group--and then when it passes, they settle back down again as though nothing had happened. Over, and over, and over, as though they just don't expect another one ever again. Whew! Solved that problem. You know how it is. And then the next one comes, and the next! So this is precisely how God has placed little lessons in Nature, as though it were a book--and you have heard of the "Book of Nature," but this is literal. It is a book--and it is full of instruction, and humor! God is hardly humorless. So His book is quite colorful, and at times, amusing! Never let these scientists tell you it is all a matter of survival and cold practicality. The Universal Mind of God is full of wisdom and humor, and Nature is the first book. Physical nature is not the only book, just as it is not the only Nature. It is the first one in the series.

Steve is not getting anything else from me, and so will close--for now :-).

Love to each and all,

P.S. At the grocery store again, Steve felt it was okay with me to play the (erstwhile) CD game, with our new car. He just advances the tracks one-by-one, until I prompt him as usual. This time, I picked a bluesy piano solo by Liz Story, entitled "Without You." Now, the last few days--weeks, actually--Steve has been telling me, out loud, that he wishes I were there with him physically, but yet he cannot really wish it for me, because of the supreme nuisance of being in a physical body. He cannot wish that on me, and yet, he longs for the day when we were together that way. I am responding to those expressed feelings, and there are two things I want you to get from that, as we relate it. First of all, that communication can be responsive; that I do try to answer him when he repeatedly tells me something from the heart. And secondly, that I do feel the same. I am telling him, with this "pick" and the one previous, that I also miss those days, just as much as he does. Do you see how the two songs, picked back-to-back, fit the same theme, in response to this sentiment that he has repeatedly expressed in the last few weeks? Sigh...never forget that your lover feels the same way. This may seem to contradict what we've written above, about me being blissful, here, and all that. But it doesn't at all, dears. It doesn't, at all.--A